End of week updates!

Since I will be out tomorrow for personal reasons I am posting the updates today!

This week we have added another goal to our language Montessori work time. We have started our Zaner bloser handwriting curriculum. We are practicing opening up to the correct page and doing the activity. This week has been working on vertical lines. Next we will continue with vertical, horizontal, and circles.

Reminder to make sure to pack a snack daily! They have been getting hungry in the afternoons so I have moved snack to that time.

Our school policy is coats or jackets must be worn if the temperature is below 60 degrees! We were pretty close today! Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather. We go outside daily if the temperatures are above 20 degrees. They need that fresh air and exercise.

Reminder that field trip forms are due by tomorrow.

Please remember to approach the substitute and tell them your child’s name so they know who you are picking up. It will be Mrs. S again 🙂

Have a great weekend!