Please read!

If you ordered Mums the pick up is today in the back parking lot between 2-4 pm!

I am sending home last minute permission slips and ichat volunteer forms in red folders today. If you get one please return it to me by Friday or email and let me know you will not be attending the field trip.

Field trip info- This is an all day field trip on Tuesday, October 11th. We are supposed to be there at 9:50 am and classes start promptly at 10 am. We have a nature hike, animal adventure class, farm tour, and pumpkin program on that day! The three classes that are going (kindergarten/1st/2nd) will be split up evenly into four groups. More will come about that. We should finish at Kensington no later then 2:30 pm so everyone can make it back in time to pick up siblings. Please remember every child must have their own parent chaperone them! We are also NOT allowed to have younger siblings attend because this is a district paid field trip. More information will be coming in October…. but we wanted you to know some of the details so you can plan ahead.

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