End of Week updates!

What a fun first week of whole days! The students did great at learning our new routine and making it through the long days! They also enjoyed finally getting able to go to gym, art, and music! We have been busy diving into the district curriculum for math and social studies!

Our district math program is Eureka math and we completed lesson 1-3 this week! It worked on the vocabulary same/different and counting the Eureka math way! Turning pages and opening the book is always the hardest task and I am happy to report we are also improving on doing that themselves! (Not possible for Mrs. Angela to open 16 math books when its time!)

As for Social Studies we begin with Rules! Rules of the outside world, rules at home, and of course rules at school! We came up with the most important rules we thought that could keep us safe and having fun at school. Below is a picture of our classroom rules that we “pinky promised” and signed saying we would follow. Although Constitution day is celebrated more in the upper grades we did our best to compare our rules to the fact that the constitution has rules also.

Reminder we have a late start next Wednesday, September 21st! School begins at 10 am that day.

Have a great weekend!