End Of Week Updates!

We have finally finished our soft start half days! We are all excited to be full day as I am sure you are as well. Thanks for all of the flexibility and working with me the last two weeks as I tested after school. We are busy learning so many things at school and those will carry over into next week when we begin full days!

Our dismissal time is 3:55 pm next week! We will be dismissing with 1st and 2nd grade at the same doors we have been. It gets a bit more crowded now so please make sure to arrive early.

We will have snack at 10:30 am each day and lunch is from 12-12:30. Please make sure to send healthy food for your child!

You will find lots of coloring pages in todays folder. We have been working on looking at the board in the morning and getting out that page to work on. It is reinforcing that what they need to be doing is usually on our whiteboard as a reminder. The coloring pages will lessen as the year goes on and it may switch to morning academic bell work.

In your red folder you will find a district lunch paper! In order to continue with free breakfasts and lunches we need this form filled out and returned by TUESDAY! Please do this over the weekend and send back 🙂

If you took a volunteer form from open house please fill that out and return it as well. Our first field trip is Tuesday, October 11th… (more info will come out next week). Each child needs a parent to chaperone.

Mums sales flyers were sent home this week. Please ask family and friends and sell some! Our school gets a portion of the money back to use for activities in our building. If you have any questions about this please ask.

Reminder – Friday, September 16th is a half day for the district. 12 pm dismissal.