Detroit Zoo Field Trip Details – Wednesday, June 8th

*Please check in with your teacher that morning at Howe when you drop off your other children in the FRONT parking lot. (We will be standing out there from 8:40-9am) If you do not need to come to Howe then please email your teacher as a way to check in. 

*Then head straight to the zoo. We will meet as a large group right by the end of the parking garage ramp. We can only enter as a whole group so please be prompt with a 9:50 arrival. Parking can take some time so take that into account. They will let us in beginning at 10 am. 

*Please wear a Howe school shirt or your classroom faces t-shirt that day ☺

*You may bring or buy lunch at the zoo.

*We will meet at the playground between 12-12:30 pm for a quick check in. (The playground is on the left side of the zoo on the outside walking loop)

*After check in you are free to roam the zoo and leave whenever you need to. We will NOT be checking you out. 

Parking pass and a hard copy of these directions will be sent home on Monday

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