Weekly news!

Will try and keep this as condensed as possible! 🙂 Everyone is finally back and healthy! Great way to celebrate Earth Day is having all of our friends at school today. The students discussed and wrote about ways we can keep our Earth clean. Recycle, plant trees, and pick up garbage were the easiest ways we thought we can help our planet.

Next week we will finally start our continent unit and also finish up Weather & Seasons by learning about clouds. We have a project and experiment to do!

Eureka math problem sets are being sent home because I have had requests for a study guide. They really do not offer study guides for this grade level. We do practice each concept for 7-8 lessons so the students should be very familiar with it. Our module 4 math test will be on Wednesday, April 27th!

Thursday, April 28th is take your child to work day. Please let me know if your child will be absent for this reason– it is an excused absence.

Now that weather is changing please send your child with a spring coat if necessary. Lots of arguments about wearing coats outside and the school rule is coat must be worn if temperature is under 60 degrees.

Most of the students have been assessed on sight words this week. They each have a post it with the 5 words I want them to focus on for the next week.

Reminder to RSVP to me through email if you are coming to our Mothers Day event at 2:30 pm on Friday, May 6.

Today we are getting new desks after school! I am so excited as are they! What they do not realize is that pods will be eliminated because we are having lots of problems with copying from neighbors papers. They will all sit solo for a couple weeks and we will move back into “pods” for the month of June.

Wednesday is administrative professionals day! (That is Ms. Bernadette!) Don’t forget to wave or send her a note about how appreciated she is. Our school is very lucky to have her.

Mrs. Sarah (Mrs. Verrier as some of the students call her) WON 3rd-5th teacher of the year for Dearborn Public Schools last night! Even though she is an interventionist she works with all of our students in enrichment class. She always likes to hang in the kinder room a lot. Please send a shout out to her if you see her around! Again– another person our school is so lucky to have.

Lastly- enjoy this beautiful weekend we are supposed to have!!!