Weekly Updates!

This last card marking is going to fly by quicker then we can imagine. We are busy squeezing in as much learning as we can every day! This week the students are taking over “morning meeting”. One student a day is doing calendar, weather, and changing our countdown to summer poster! They love being the “teacher” for a few minutes 🙂 Our Benchmark unit is Weather and Seasons and we are studying the differences. We will go into in depth detail about the types of weather, clothing needed, seasons, and types of clouds. We are still finishing up Eureka Math Unit 4 (number bonds/addition/subtraction/making tens). This test will be towards the end of the month. I will give you notice beforehand. Next week we begin our Social Studies continent unit.

This week each student presented there animal diorama to the class! They did a great job showing courage and talking in front of the class. On Thursday morning, they also presented to the 5th,4th, and 3rd grade classes. A couple of the older students stood in next to them and listened to them talk about their animals and what they had in their diorama project. They all loved it and did a great job! Projects will be coming back home today. We are working on finishing up our nonfiction animal books at school.

Marking Period Three report cards are coming home today! Please take out the report card and keep it at home. Send back in the signed envelope on Monday so I know it was received by a parent.

This week we began a new worktime goal– Word Sort. The students take pictures and sort them into the correct category for its beginning sounds. We will do a combination of single sounds and blends (sh, ch, etc) to get them more familiar that sometimes when you combine sounds they change. If they still have all of the pieces at the end of the week when we glue they get a starburst candy 🙂 If they lose some I always remind them to try again next week. Usually after the first week they remember to write numbers on the back and put them in the ziplock given.

I completely forgot to send out April reading logs back in March so I understand not all umbrellas will be colored in this month since you did not get them until the 6th.

Reminder that we wear coats outside unless it is above 60 degrees. Some of the students were getting hot in winter coats so I encourage you to check the weather and send a spring coat if the weather is in between on some days.

Calendar Reminders!

Late Start next Wednesday, April 13

No School next Friday, April 15