I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! But now we are back at it for three full weeks!

Reminder to please be practicing the books in their book bags EVERY night! We are doing shared reading and writing activities in the classroom with the books each day.

We have now completed working on sight words through list 4 in the orange book. Any word that does not have a green star is still not a word they know. Please continue practicing those!

Many of the books you will see coming home are new! Please be sure to be gentle and appropriate with how they are handled. I am seeing some books coming back rolled up. I was very lucky and was able to purchase new books for our classroom so the students to have access to them. Please help me keep these books in good shape for more years to come.

Reading logs are due on Wednesday! Reminder to send those in and the new ones will come home then.

If you are going to be absent please email me or call the office. I tend to check the hallway if someone is not here and I do not know if they are coming or not.

Reminder that Wednesday, December 8th is a late start!

Have a great week! 🙂

Yellow Folders TODAY!

Please check yellow folders today!

*Look over and sign math test then send back tomorrow!

*Thanksgiving project/homework is in folders today! Due after break.

*Side note- I am out tomorrow for appointments. Mrs. S will be back to sub for me!

*Tomorrow is PTA meeting at 6 pm on zoom. Check school blog for the zoom link.

Parent Meeting this Friday!

Hello Howe Family!

This is a reminder that we will have our first Parent Meeting this week!

Friday, November 19th from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

Click below to find out more information about our Parent Meeting:

Parent Meeting November

A zoom link will be posted on November 19th to the school’s blog for the event.  Teachers will also share the zoom link through their blogs also.

We hope that you can make it and look forward to further strengthening our community!

Stay safe and healthy!


The snow has finally arrived (even though it did not stay around or accumulate)! Some things below so we are all prepared:

We go outside as long as it feels like 20 degrees or above!

The students go directly out from lunch

They can keep snow pants, hats, boots, gloves in there lockers. (Each student has there own locker). Easiest things is to buy a set of those items and just leave at school. When they take them home daily things get lost)

Students need to dress themselves in snow attire. The lunch ladies monitor the hallway while the students get dressed then take them out in a big group. They do not have the ability to help your child get dressed each day

Please remember to send shoes if your child is wearing boots to school! We are Montessori and work on rugs on the floor. No one wants to work in snow and salt on the carpet. They can keep a pair of shoes in their lockers as well if that is easier.

We typically do 2 recesses each day. During the winter months we will do a recess outside after lunch then an indoor recess at the end of the day. If you would like to donate any games, art supplies, or toys for this time please email me. We use what we get for donations during this time. So far we have blocks, coloring books, markers, and Duplo’s.

Have a great Monday!


We have had such a busy week! Between the practice fire drill, picture day, and the beautiful weather it seems the days have been flying by. Bummer for snow this weekend… but I guess we now have snow fun!

We will continue to working on rhyming for the next few weeks but we introduced it this week and began with doing a page a day. Some cutting and gluing too 🙂

Today we finished our week with a lesson on blowing our noses and tissues! We have gone through 4 boxes last and this week so it was time! You will see the project coming home today. Make sure to ask your child why we did it.

Math test will be on Wednesday, November 17th for Eureka math module 1.

Have a great weekend!

Sight words!

Because we are the Montessori school that means everyone is at different levels for this work! Some students have white flash cards, some have the orange sight word booklet and someone has a pink booklet! Randomly every couple of weeks I quiz the students and update the booklets. Words with a check mark means your child knew that word. If the word has an “X” next to it then your child said I don’t know or an incorrect word. We work on these words daily in class during the rainbow sight word work.

Some suggestions to practice:

Please practice the words with an “X” next to it.

*Hang the words on index cards next to the dining table! Then every time you sit down for a meal make sure to practice before or after.

*Make flashcards and go over them each night before bed

*Make the words with plastic letters, cereal, cooked spaghetti noodles, playdough, etc.

Practicing helps if they do it consistently. Something consistent daily for even 5-10 minutes will help with sight word recognition.


Night two of conferences are tonight! Please make sure to arrive or be on zoom early so we can keep to our schedule! I have them all back to back.

Picture day is tomorrow! Please make sure if you are sending in an order that you place that envelope in your child’s yellow folder!


Hello! Tonight is our first night of parent teacher conferences. Please remember that I have appointments back to back and need to stay on schedule. Please make sure to arrive early so that you are ready when it is your appointment time. We have lots to go over! 🙂

You can come in through the playground doors on the side of the school. I will have chairs set up in the hallway for you to sit and wait. In the classroom we will go over work examples and the report card together and also have time for questions.

If you are attending in person please make sure to wear a mask.

If you are a zoom conference then I will let you in as soon as my previous appointment leaves.

Lastly– if you do not remember your appointment time please email me 🙂

Have a great Thursday!