The scholastic order will still be arriving! They have been emailing me about the delay and it says it shipped yesterday. So we should have the books by next week! They have never been this slow! So I apologize for it taking so long.

Reminder to pack 1 healthy snack for the afternoons. Many students are not eating lunch in the lunch room and I have given them extra time to acclimate to the lunch room. Yesterday we started with you may only bring in one snack… not your entire lunch. Now that we are more in the routines we do not have time to have another lunch period in the afternoon. So I am encouraging them to eat more in the lunch room because we only have 1 HEALTHY snack at 2 pm.

I have had lots of parents ask if students can bring in treats to pass out to the class on Friday during our Halloween celebration. I am ok with that 🙂 Just please make sure that they do not contain or are made in a facility with tree nuts! We have 19 students in our class.