Just a few quick updates!

Reminder that field trip is tomorrow! We meet at Wiard’s at 9:45 am!

If you send your child with their new Howe School water bottle please make sure to have it labeled! Everyone in the school received one. I put their number on it yesterday but I need you to add some sort of label or sticker so we can identify them.

If you have a Chromebook from our virtual learning please hold on to it. These are not being collected back at this time.

Parent teacher conferences are coming up! I am emailing out scheduled dates and times that you signed up for at open house. You will see that email towards the end of the week.

Report cards are due by the end of next week! Those will be given out around conference time so we can go over them together.

Today we had our first practice fire drill! I am sure your child will tell you all about it so I wanted to make sure to mention it is a practice one.