This Week’s Schedule

Tuesday: ELA Zoom 9:15 am. Art zoom 10:40-11:25 am. Math zoom 12 pm.

Wednesday: ELA Zoom 10 am. Math zoom 12 pm. Music zoom 2:25-3:10.

Thursday: ELA Zoom 9:15 am. Gym Zoom 10:40-11:25 am. Math zoom 12 pm.

Friday: ELA zoom 9:15 am. Math zoom 12 pm. Music zoom 2:25-3:10.

Lunch and Recess time— 11:30-12 🙂 Make sure they get some down time in between.

The students will do live zooms for ELA and Math with me on the computer. They will just need their red folder that you have picked up from the school.

During the afternoons they will work on asynchronous (independent) work.

ELA Asynchronous work: letter of the day page, rainbow sight words, address/name page.

Math asynchronous work: math packet page of the day (positional words), and number writing.

Asynchronous work and red folders will be sent back to school on Monday for me to check and continue using in the classroom.

All zoom links will be on Schoology.

The password for my zoom link is
howe (all lowercase)

Lastly– in the brown folder is logins and passwords to three websites- Raz Kids, Epic Books, and Zearn math. These are all fun games for the students to practice. We will be using them in school towards the middle of the year but they are great practice at home as well! It is highly encouraged if you have time this week to begin using these sites during the extra time!

Virtual school days end around 3 pm!! So please make sure your child is not working all day on things! Get done what you can get done and do not stress! 4 days then back to normal. We can get through this week together.

Email me if and when you need something 🙂


Kindergarten red work folders and worked needed for this week (that we use daily in class) will be available for pickup outside the office in a blue tub labeled kindergarten. Each child will have ONE brown envelope.

The bucket will be out starting at 10 am today and will remain outside all day. Please come grab the stuff when you can.

The “Schedule” of the days will be coming in another blog post.

PLEASE make sure you are able to log in to Schoology.