End of Week Updates!

The weeks seem so busy while we are at school! The day seems to fly right on by. Hard to believe we have completed 22 days of Kindergarten already. The class is doing great with routines and procedures and we are continuing to add in new things. Next week we start our themes! I am excited to teach about fire safety! Each week we will focus on a new topic and add it into our reading and writing activities for the week. Knowledge and vocabulary is power in the lower elementary grades. The more exposure the better! Remember to ask your child each night what we talked about. See if they can recall and explain.

Students did great this week with our new ELA goal– rainbow sight words. You will see their work in their yellow folders today for this! We started with basic words: I, a, like, and me. Those are the words used most in independent writing. Next week we will begin using the words from the sight word books so it will be differentiated for each child depending upon what they need to practice. These are practiced during our morning Montessori work block.

We are almost halfway through the first Eureka math module. The students have done well at opening books to bookmark. They then complete the application problem (a problem from yesterdays lesson), listen to my new lesson for the day, then completing the problem set (how they practice the work for that days lesson). Lots of listening, following directions, and me teaching whole group. We have had lots of adjustments but we seem to be smooth sailing now. At the end of Module 1’s lessons the students will be taking a math test in small group about the concepts covered. That will be told to you ahead of time.

Please remember to have extra clothes in your child’s backpack or locker!!! Nothing is worse then waiting around after an accident for the parents to run clothes up to the school. Even a couple outfits is fine if you send it in but already have some.

Reminder that the school books in their reading book bags should always be in the bag!!! We use those books for reading to themselves, reading to others, and when they finish before others they practice. If they do not have those books they can not join in reading groups as well. Please make sure they go back in the bag every night!

If you have not turned in Septembers reading log please do so asap! Side note- I did not realize pizza coupons do not start until after they complete Octobers log. Sorry about that! My mistake.

Reminder that field trip money is due by October 11th. Volunteer form must be on file for the parent attending.

Have a great weekend! 🙂