Trunk or treat!

Is still a go at 6 pm tonight in the back parking lot. Continue down Ann Arbor Trail and turn right into the Michael Berry parking lot. Follow the building all the way around and you will see us by the back door 🙂

Bring umbrellas 🙂

Responsibility Room at Howe

Dear Families,

Beginning Monday, November 1st, 2021, our school will be introducing the Responsibility Room.  The Responsibility Room will be used as a restorative practice to promote and reinforce positive behavior.

Our responsibility as educators is to ensure that our students leave our school with the highest level of education that we can provide.  We also have the responsibility to shape our young minds to understand the difference between right and wrong. The consequences that come with wrong choices must align to the behavior so that our students learn from their mistakes.

The Responsibility Room will be a place where our students will go when they have been given multiple opportunities to change a negative behavior.  Examples would be when a student is not following directions and is disturbing the classroom environment or a student is choosing to not participate in his/her learning community.  It will also be a place for when students need to reflect on a negative behavior that has caused someone else harm.

In the Responsibility Room, students will be asked to think about why they demonstrated the behavior they did and how it negatively impacted them or those around them.  Students will complete think sheets for reflection and to focus their thoughts, afterwards they will discuss how they could have made a better choice.  If a student is sent for the reason of work refusal, then they will complete the work that they did not do in class.

Families will be notified if their student was sent to the Responsibility Room by their child’s teacher.

The Responsibility Room is our school’s second tier for behavior.  If a student is continually sent to the Responsibility Room for the same reason, after three times the teacher will send the student to the office with an Office Referral.  

Our teachers have been working very hard since the beginning of school to establish a classroom environment in which procedures and routines have been taught, practiced, reinforced, and mastered.  Our students are held to that high standard each day, and they continue to rise above.  With the introduction of the Responsibility Room, we are adding a way to be more reflective with students so that they will make better choices in the future.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Shopping today!

Reminder if you would like your child to purchase from the book fair we are shopping this morning! Please send in the wish list and money (remember to add tax). Please put the money and wish lists in an envelope or ziplock in yellow folders! I will check all of those this morning before we go!


The scholastic order will still be arriving! They have been emailing me about the delay and it says it shipped yesterday. So we should have the books by next week! They have never been this slow! So I apologize for it taking so long.

Reminder to pack 1 healthy snack for the afternoons. Many students are not eating lunch in the lunch room and I have given them extra time to acclimate to the lunch room. Yesterday we started with you may only bring in one snack… not your entire lunch. Now that we are more in the routines we do not have time to have another lunch period in the afternoon. So I am encouraging them to eat more in the lunch room because we only have 1 HEALTHY snack at 2 pm.

I have had lots of parents ask if students can bring in treats to pass out to the class on Friday during our Halloween celebration. I am ok with that 🙂 Just please make sure that they do not contain or are made in a facility with tree nuts! We have 19 students in our class.


Thanks so much to everyone who checked in on me last week! I’ve never taken 2 sick days! It’s unheard of from me but my body needed the sleep to recover! The substitute had nothing but the best compliments about your children 🙂

This week is a busy one as we are working with pumpkins. We are learning the parts of a pumpkin while practicing the pumpkin life cycle. On Wednesday we will be “dissecting” a pumpkin and tally counting the seeds. It is a fun and messy afternoon for the students.

This week is the school book fair! On Wednesday morning we will be going to preview the books. Each child will have a 5th grade buddy to help them choose and write down 3 books on their wish list. If you choose you may send money to school on Thursday with the wish list and they can go back and purchase the books. Please make sure to put money and wish list in a ziplock or envelope and place inside their yellow folder!

Please wear orange and black to school on Friday! 🙂

This Friday is our Trunk or Treat hosted by the PTA! It is from 6-7 pm in the back parking lot! Hope to see everyone there in costumes!

Lastly– this is our final week of marking period one! I am finishing up assessing and putting in last minute grades for the units we have completed so far.

Have a great week!


Just a few quick updates!

Reminder that field trip is tomorrow! We meet at Wiard’s at 9:45 am!

If you send your child with their new Howe School water bottle please make sure to have it labeled! Everyone in the school received one. I put their number on it yesterday but I need you to add some sort of label or sticker so we can identify them.

If you have a Chromebook from our virtual learning please hold on to it. These are not being collected back at this time.

Parent teacher conferences are coming up! I am emailing out scheduled dates and times that you signed up for at open house. You will see that email towards the end of the week.

Report cards are due by the end of next week! Those will be given out around conference time so we can go over them together.

Today we had our first practice fire drill! I am sure your child will tell you all about it so I wanted to make sure to mention it is a practice one.

Field Trip Info!


Wednesday, October 20th is our field trip. We are leaving first thing from school in the morning. The field trip begins at 10am and they would like us to arrive by 9:45. We will all meet together as a group at the front entrance and go in together. The field trip is all day and we will not be returning to school afterward. Please pack a lunch with a drink for you and your child. Each person will receive a cup of cider, donut, apple, and a small pumpkin. We will be riding the tractor drawn wagon together as a class. The rest of the trip is self paced with plenty to do. The Country Store is open to shop at as well. Please bring a mask for inside areas just in case. As of now, the weather for Wednesday looks great. Please check the weather the morning of and dress appropriately. Looking forward to a fun-filled day!

Wiard’s Orchards

5565 Merritt Rd.

Ypsilanti, 48197

(734) 482-7744

**If your child is not attending they will be marked an excused absence. I have already spoken to these parents individually.

**If you plan to meet us there instead of coming to school first please email me so I can mark you present for the day.