End of Week Updates!

Because I am off of work tomorrow below is the updates 🙂 Please make sure at dismissal to walk forward and tell the sub who you are there to pick up for. That way they know.

This has been a busy week! We have covered rules, weather, started reading groups, tested, and experimented! It seems like the days go quickly even though your child may not agree with that!

Our first science lessons have been about weather. Each day we have a “weatherman” who looks outside and predicts what they think the weather will be. We have had lots of talks about wind makes the trees move, grey clouds are storms, white clouds may be rain or just plain fluffy clouds. Lots of looking around and observing our surroundings. We will continue with our weather man and watching what we see but will be starting our plants and animals unit next week. This is a big unit so we start it off then finish in March and April. We jump around a lot in science so that we cover things multiple times.

The students are doing more goals during our work times. In the ELA time they are still working on the letter of the day and now name writing. If they are good at first names they have begun working on last names. During math time they are working on the number of the day then writing numbers 0-20. Next week we will add in another goal for each work period to increase their stamina and ability to work independently.

I do not think I have mentioned Mrs. Jen Bost to you yet! She is my Early Childhood Specialist and comes in to the classroom to assist 3 days a week for an hour. She has been assisting with testing and will begin some reading groups next week. She will work with students who need help with writing names, identifying letters, and basic reading skills. We are thankful she comes and helps in our classroom!

Some children will be doing sight ring cards before the orange sight word book. If your child no longer has it in their book bag this is why! They will be getting a ring of cards soon!

Message from the office— if you have not already completed the emergency card on parent connect please do so. This gives all of your child’s teachers access to your name and number!

Lunch has been a crazy new experience for most of the kids. We are still doing that afternoon snack around 2-230 pm and I allow them to eat a snack and right now finish their lunch if needed. Hopefully as the year goes on they will eat faster in the lunch room but as for right now I am giving this extra time.

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