End of Week Updates!

We had a great full week of school! We had so much time to get into math, science, and social studies this week!

You will have noticed packets came home in your child’s folder today. We complete 1 page for language work time and 1 page for math worktime! They are doing a great job and trying their best. Next week we continue on with letters F,G,H,I and J. Also with numbers 5-9. These may seem like basic packets but it is giving them something to complete independently while I am still administering the KRA assessment.

Today we worked on our Classroom Constitution to celebrate constitution day. We discussed how the actual constitution was written in 1787 and is the highest law of the land. I made the correlation for them that laws and rules mean almost the same thing. Then we took the time to talk about what our classroom should look like– calm, quiet, safe, and most importantly a place to make mistakes and learn together. After our lesson each student signed our classroom constitution by putting their hand print on it.

Please remember to send in healthy snacks for our afternoon snack time. Juice, cookies, chips are not part of our healthy food list. If you need ideas please email me.

Wednesday, October 20th will be our first field trip! Please save the date as we ask that Kindergarten students are chaperoned by their own parents. Younger siblings are allowed to come.

On Friday, September 24th I will be out for a personal day. Their will be a substitute in the classroom. So next week packets will come home on Monday instead.

Have a great weekend!