End of Week Updates!

Because I am off of work tomorrow below is the updates 🙂 Please make sure at dismissal to walk forward and tell the sub who you are there to pick up for. That way they know.

This has been a busy week! We have covered rules, weather, started reading groups, tested, and experimented! It seems like the days go quickly even though your child may not agree with that!

Our first science lessons have been about weather. Each day we have a “weatherman” who looks outside and predicts what they think the weather will be. We have had lots of talks about wind makes the trees move, grey clouds are storms, white clouds may be rain or just plain fluffy clouds. Lots of looking around and observing our surroundings. We will continue with our weather man and watching what we see but will be starting our plants and animals unit next week. This is a big unit so we start it off then finish in March and April. We jump around a lot in science so that we cover things multiple times.

The students are doing more goals during our work times. In the ELA time they are still working on the letter of the day and now name writing. If they are good at first names they have begun working on last names. During math time they are working on the number of the day then writing numbers 0-20. Next week we will add in another goal for each work period to increase their stamina and ability to work independently.

I do not think I have mentioned Mrs. Jen Bost to you yet! She is my Early Childhood Specialist and comes in to the classroom to assist 3 days a week for an hour. She has been assisting with testing and will begin some reading groups next week. She will work with students who need help with writing names, identifying letters, and basic reading skills. We are thankful she comes and helps in our classroom!

Some children will be doing sight ring cards before the orange sight word book. If your child no longer has it in their book bag this is why! They will be getting a ring of cards soon!

Message from the office— if you have not already completed the emergency card on parent connect please do so. This gives all of your child’s teachers access to your name and number!

Lunch has been a crazy new experience for most of the kids. We are still doing that afternoon snack around 2-230 pm and I allow them to eat a snack and right now finish their lunch if needed. Hopefully as the year goes on they will eat faster in the lunch room but as for right now I am giving this extra time.

End of Week Updates!

We had a great full week of school! We had so much time to get into math, science, and social studies this week!

You will have noticed packets came home in your child’s folder today. We complete 1 page for language work time and 1 page for math worktime! They are doing a great job and trying their best. Next week we continue on with letters F,G,H,I and J. Also with numbers 5-9. These may seem like basic packets but it is giving them something to complete independently while I am still administering the KRA assessment.

Today we worked on our Classroom Constitution to celebrate constitution day. We discussed how the actual constitution was written in 1787 and is the highest law of the land. I made the correlation for them that laws and rules mean almost the same thing. Then we took the time to talk about what our classroom should look like– calm, quiet, safe, and most importantly a place to make mistakes and learn together. After our lesson each student signed our classroom constitution by putting their hand print on it.

Please remember to send in healthy snacks for our afternoon snack time. Juice, cookies, chips are not part of our healthy food list. If you need ideas please email me.

Wednesday, October 20th will be our first field trip! Please save the date as we ask that Kindergarten students are chaperoned by their own parents. Younger siblings are allowed to come.

On Friday, September 24th I will be out for a personal day. Their will be a substitute in the classroom. So next week packets will come home on Monday instead.

Have a great weekend!


Reminder tomorrow is a half day! Dismissal is at 12:05 pm.

Our first field trip will be on Wednesday, October 20th! Please save this date because we ask all K students have a parent chaperone 🙂 More information and paperwork will be coming.

In folder’s today!

For parents to chaperone a field trip they must have a background check done. Each parent needs to chaperone their own child on our field trips in Kindergarten and first grade. We are working on finalizing the field trips for the year and dates will be coming soon.

Please fill out the front and back of the form with whomever would be the parent chaperone for your child so they can be submitted. We also need a copy of your driver license attached with the form.

Send back in yellow folders this week and I will turn in to the office 🙂


(First field trip beginning to mid October we are hoping!)

End of Week News!

The students have done awesome this week! We are continuing to work on finishing a work (paper/pencil for right now) goal then getting a Montessori practical life/sensorial work (they call toy) from our shelf. On Thursday I introduced work baskets and we began getting those out of our mailboxes. The students are doing great with routines and keeping on task! Next week I told them I will be turning around more shelves that contain our Montessori math and language works! Next week we also begin Benchmark ELA curriculum and Eureka math (both district curriculums done across the whole district). The class is so eager to work and learn! It’s becoming a great Montessori environment so far.

I have decided to move snacks to the afternoon. We have a 2.5 hour block between drop off and lunch but a 4 hour block between lunch and dismissal. I put the snack time right during the middle of that so they didn’t have such a long period with no food. A great way to have your child understand what is snack is to put on the side of the backpack in the water pouch. This will ensure it does not get eaten during lunch time 🙂 Please remember to make sure it is a healthy snack!

Reminder to make sure that your child’s water bottle is a non-spill able bottle with a cap! Many are bringing disposable water bottles and that is really hard for the students to open and close correctly. We have already have many spills. If you do not understand what I am asking for please email me for clarification.

Next week we are FINALLY to full days! Some of the students were very excited to hear this and some not so much. We will make sure to build stamina and have fun in the afternoons 🙂

On Monday, September 13th some siblings will begin going out the back door for dismissal. If you received an email from me yesterday that is your child.

In folders today you will be receiving a PTA form! Please consider joining our school PTA. We need lots of volunteers to help make events run successfully! They are wanting to have fun nights and provide classroom with needs but helpers are needed to make that possible. They are very supportive of our teaching staff and I encourage you to join. Fee is $10 for joining and that money is used for things like the Kona Ice Truck, teacher appreciation week, and more. All of the dates for meetings are listed on the second page and all will be 6 pm zoom meetings virtually this year.

Picture Day will be November 10th! Reminder will come out the night before 🙂

Lastly, next week will be long days for your kiddos as they adjust to being in school full day. Please make sure to have early bedtimes and big breakfasts before they come to school!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday updates!

The students had a great time at the NED assembly today! Hopefully they came home and told you about the yoyo man. We learned to Never give up, Encourage others, and Do you best! NED did this through an adventure with a yeti, through pirates at the beach, and encouraging friends while learning and practicing new things. We want GO BRAINS not freeze brains! This was a great way to kick off the school year— to have a positive mindset!

If your child did not buy a yoyo yet and wants to they will be available at open house tonight, at school this and next week (you can place order form and money in the yellow folder) or after school by the office from 4-4:10 pm.

Open house is tonight from 6-7:30 pm! Kona ice truck will be here and we will be in the back parking lot to meet and greet each other 🙂

Reminder to send in a change of clothes in a bag. They will be kept in lockers in case of an accident.