Quick notes!

What a fun first day of school! All the students did a great job with our activities planned. We began our morning with reading The Kissing Hand y Audrey Penn. Some were feeling sad and it was a good way to remind us that Moms and Dads were sad too but would soon be back to pick us up. After we finished we began our day with calendar. Learning the day, date, month, and year are a key part of Kindergarten. Then we danced and colored until our fifth grade buddies showed up. The Kindergarten students and fifth grade students were buddied up and sent on a scavenger hunt around the school. Their buddy showed them the art, gym, library, music, enrichment, office, and cafeteria. It was a fun way to learn about the school. After we went to the playground to play together! We ended our day with our Chester poem and heart hand project. The students did a great job today!

For tomorrow:

*Please make sure to pack a snack. Everyone was hungry pretty quickly! We will eat a snack around 10:15 am to hopefully get used to the new timing of lunch.

*Make sure to go to the bathroom before leaving your home! It can be stressful coming in and having to all go at the same time because they ate breakfast right before they left home.

*Lunch needs to be packed or they need to choose a hot lunch from here on out! We are eating lunch before they come home the rest of this week and all of next week.

*Tomorrow’s dismissal is at 12:05 pm at the same door 18. (Kindergarten only- rest of school is dismissed at 3:55). We will do what we did today where the students line up and you come up and tell me your child’s name. It’s a pain right now but it really REALLY helps me learn faces and names! Within a couple weeks I will have it down and just send your child to you!

Thanks for a great first day! And I promised the kids…. yes we will be “playing” soon with the Montessori materials 🙂