Mon/Tues Info!

Celebration starts promptly at 1:30 pm. Please make sure to arrive a few minutes early. You will see the chairs set up.

Students should still be dropped off between 9:30-9:40 am. We have a fun day of activities. Make sure they are dressed up in fun bright luau clothing! It matches our celebration theme perfectly. If you don’t own that classroom faces T-shirt’s would work as well.

We will be eating our lunches outside for a picnic on Monday/Tuesday. Make sure to pack a towel for your child to eat on and maybe some of their favorite snacks!

The celebration will be with masks on. We had to submit plans to the district and were one of only a couple schools that were approved. So that means I will not be able to remove my mask for pictures. I apologize but we really want to be approved for things in the future and need to follow the district rules! Thanks for understanding about that.

The morning zooms will be attendance and me and the map lesson on Monday and Tuesday! So please make sure you are there and ready!

Have a great weekend!

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