No Group A zoom tomorrow! I will be getting to work right as Group B gets here for in person. The students filled out their goal sheets for tomorrow with me today.

On Monday May 24th (Group A) and Tuesday, May 25th (Group B) will be taking the NWEA reading test. Please make sure your child sleeps well the night before and has a good breakfast before they come!

Check backpacks!

Coming home today or tomorrow:

Pictures from picture day if you ordered!

Math test. Please sign and return.

Graded papers. If it has a check or star please leave at home.

Last week of school schedule and End of year celebration invitation. (explained on the paper what it is).

Animal Report Homework!

Group A received it in there folder today. Group B will tomorrow. Directions are below and the form is attached in case your child is not in person today or tomorrow! 🙂

Eid Mubarak for those who celebrate <3

We have finally finished our six week Montessori animal units back in April! The students have done a great job learning about the different types of animals and why they need the things they do. To completely finish this unit I have an at home and school project to be done.

Attached is the template for our “All About” animal books. Your child needs to choose an animal from the reptile, amphibian, mammal, fish, arctic animal or bird group. On the first page, your child needs to draw a picture of the animal (for the cover page of our books) and write the name of the animal on the line. On the second page you and your child need to research the animal to complete the facts needed; physical attributes, habitat, diet, and interesting facts learned. Please use complete sentences on this page. Your child should be writing the sentences J  We will be completing books after Eid Break so that each child has created a Non-Fiction chapter book about their favorite animal.  This first writing part will be due on Monday, May 17 for GROUP A and Tuesday, May 18 for GROUP B.

The second part of the assignment is to make a habitat diorama for their chosen animal to share with the class. This diorama should include the animal’s food source, water source, sunlight if needed, and the habitat in which they live. For example: my polar bear habitat would have snow on the ground, a small lake for water, some seals for food, and some sort of cave for him to sleep in. The easiest way to make these is to use an old shoe box as the area and fill from there. Examples can be found on Pinterest by searching “Animal diorama”. This is a good way to get ideas. The diorama project will not be due until Tuesday, June 1st. I want them to use asynchronous afternoon time at home over the next few weeks to work on it.

Please let me know if you have any questions! This is my favorite way to wrap up the animal unit. The students love to read their books and present their dioramas to the class.