Extra clothes for in person!

I almost forgot!

Each student should have a full change of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, and socks) in a labeled bag. These clothes will be stored so that if there is an accident we can change. I would email you and let you know that dirty clothes were coming home and then you can send back in a new bag on the next in person dyas.

It usually is something like spilling milk in the lunchroom, spilling water from water bottles, and not making it to the bathroom on time (especially when outside for recess).

Before you leave your house for in person learning days please make sure your child goes to the bathroom! This will also help.

Please read –Reminders!

Couple of reminders- NO LIVE ZOOMS on Thursday or Friday. Mrs. Angela has the days off. Specials and Ms. Bost will still have live zooms.

There will be NO LIVE ZOOMS on Monday, March 1st for Group B. They complete the asynchronous goals and make sure all packet pages are complete to turn in on Tuesday.

Packets will be given out on Monday and Tuesday of next week. So they will do packet page goals with me in person.

We start the Montessori Animal Units on Monday! The students will be working with me on completing them together on the first week 🙂 We start with Arctic Animals!

Please read the Return to Learn Plan Below for Howe Schools plan! 🙂

Hello Howe Family!

Don’t forget!  We are having a Parent Meeting this Friday!

Friday, February 26th from 3:00-3:45 p.m.

Click below to find out more information about our Parent Meeting:

Parent Meeting: Safe Return to School

The Return to School Plan is an outline of systems and procedures that we have put in place to ensure that our school community stays safe.  Please read over the information and bring your questions to our Parent Meeting this Friday.

Click the link below to read our Return to School Plan:

Return to School Plan

A zoom link will be posted Friday on the school and teachers’ blogs for the event.

We hope that you can make it and look forward to our continued partnership!

Stay safe and healthy!


As usual things have changed 🙂 The district announced that all buildings will be virtual on Thursday and Friday the first two weeks we are back hybrid. I will upload a schedule that tells you exactly what days you are in person, what days are virtual, and specials. Once we get closer to the week of the 15th I will send home a paper schedule for you to hang up of the normal hybrid schedule.

All YELLOW blocks of time are live zooms. Your child will either be on with me (ela, math, writing/science/social studies) or the specials area teacher (pe, art, music).

It is important that you are looking at the correct schedule! If you still do not know if you are Group A or Group B please email me!

MarchVacA is Group A and MarchVacB is Group B. Schedules are below. Click download to view and print.

Lunch for March is below. Your child can choose one option if they would like. Or you may pack at lunch and send it in.

Tomorrow at 12:15 pm I will be on my normal zoom link to answer any questions you may have 🙂

Howe Parent Meeting!

Hello Howe Family!

This is a reminder that we will hold a Parent Meeting:

Friday, February 26th from 3:00-3:45 p.m.

Click below to find out more information about the topic that we will be discussing:

Parent Meeting: Safe Return to School

The Return to School Plan is an outline of systems and procedures that we have put in place to ensure that our school community stays safe.  Please read over the information and bring your questions to our Parent Meeting this Friday.

Click the link below to read our Return to School Plan:

Return to School Plan

A zoom link will be posted Friday on the school and teachers’ blogs for the event.

We hope that you can make it and look forward to our continued partnership!

Stay safe and healthy!

Some popular questions answered :)

I thought some of the below questions were worth mentioning to all for clarification in case you were wondering as well….

All specials (gym, art, music) will be on your child’s asynchronous day at home. They will all be on zoom.

Asynchronous days will have a morning zoom with me (8:35-9:10ish) for the benchmark lesson of the day. A morning special zoom time. And an afternoon special zoom time. You will complete the goals during the open times during the day. Math videos will be posted on schoology so that you can do the math lesson at home.

When your child is in person they will do all of their goals with me! They have no school work before or after school. Remember it is going to take them some time to adjust to being out and about. They really need that play time at home after a day of school 🙂

Lunch will be available at school. We do not know how it will look yet but if you choose your child may get lunch from the cafeteria. More details will come on this. Side note— It is always best to pack some snacks if you choose the school lunch just in case your child doesn’t like it.

When your child comes for in person labs they will get the “Classroom Ready Checklist”. This is a check off sheet that helps them make sure they have everything for their in person learning days.

Please do not wear snow gear into the classroom!!! The parking lot will always be salted and cleared for you. We are not able to use lockers this year. The students belongings will be next to them. IF it is a snowy day and we plan on doing recess outside I will email you. You can send the snow gear in a bag and we will put it on for recess.

Make sure to pack an extra mask in your child’s backpack just in case. Things happen— especially in kinder 🙂

Schedules will be coming as soon as they are approved. I have a sample in person schedule and our Wednesday all online schedule. If you would like I do have a mock asynchronous day schedule if you think that would help you. You can email me for that one.

Spelling test updates!

Wahoooo!!!! They have waived the Kindergarten spelling tests for the remainder of the year. With different days in class is was too tedious to do the test on seperate days. This Friday, Feb 19th will be our last spelling test that is graded.

We will still however be working on our word family houses each week. This is still a good goal because it helps them practice sounding out and spelling patterned words. 🙂

Classroom updates!

Hello All!

I do not have everything ready to send out but I thought some of the answers would be helpful in preparing your child over the next two weeks for returning to part time in person learning.

First — eating times. In the classroom we will have a routine that they will follow and we hope to have the asynchronous schedule as close to it as possible. I know little kids do the best with routines and keeping consistent eating times can ease a burden. By starting this early and staying consistent we eliminate the shutting down prior to lunch and refusing to work because they are hungry. I have been pretty lax about eating up until now but I am hoping to keep a schedule.

It would be preferable if students can eat their breakfast between 8 and 8:30 am. Starting in March our zoom starting time will be 8:35 am. Keeping this breakfast time before zoom will help focus be solely on the benchmark lessons I need to teach in that set amount of time. Lunch will be at 11:10 am each day. By having this same schedule at home they can get used to that amount of time in between without additional food. Everytime we remove masks in the classroom we have procedures. Snacks will not be happening in the morning. In the afternoon we will have a snack around 1:45 pm. This will be because lunch is early and we have a longer afternoon with more physical activity. More to come about what to send for an afternoon snack.

Although this may seem miniscule I know that Kindergarten students get hangry and I really want to maximize all time I have with the students in person. A good nutritious breakfast and lunch at consistent times can help.

During in person learning on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I will be checking email during lunch 11:15-11:30 and after the students leave at 2:30 pm. This school year has been different in that I have the ability to email back quite quickly. Once in person I am not going to be checking all day like usual. If it is an emergency you may call the office and leave a message and they may be able to assist.

8:35 is our new starting time beginning Monday, March 1st. Morning zooms with the at home asynchronous students will be at that time. Wednesday zoom will also begin at that time.

I will also not be as helpful with IT as I will be working with the students. Hopefully we have all of the IT issues worked out already. Making sure you can log into Eureka Math website will be crucial on your asynchronous days. They will be watching the recorded lesson like we have been while I am teaching the same lesson to the students in person. If you have NOT figured this out yet please let me know. We need to get you logged in prior to March 1.

Lastly for now will be the in person covid health screener. Each of you will receive a copy when you attend your in person learning lab this or next week. You should hang this on your fridge so that you see it on in person days. You are responsible to make sure that your child does not show any symptoms before they come into the building. There will not be forms to turn in daily it is on the honor system. Below is the form for reference.

My recommendation also is that you should keep your child home if they are feeling ill. Once they tell me they do not feel well they will be taken out of the classroom and not allowed to return for that day. You will have to come pick them up. In an effort to keep our classroom environment healthy I ask you please follow this. The option to do the asynchronous work will always be available online so they can do the lessons from home still.

The students will be bringing their goal sheet, eureka math module, benchmark writing books, leveled readers, and writing journal every time they are in person. They do not need anything additional. I have everything else. All of these things can easily be carried in their backpacks. Whether in person or online learning that day our goal is still to complete the goals.

Hybrid In person days, Asynchronous days, and all online Wednesday schedules will be posted by the end of the week. We are still continuing to get changes and I do not want to have to re-release them multiple times. They will all be similar 🙂 do not stress 🙂

As always email me with any questions 🙂

Learning Lab schedule! (next two weeks)

The district has decided to begin phasing in- in person learning with learning labs. Because of the days switched by the district to help teachers get rooms and lessons prepared we only have 6 days for learning labs. I have made a fair schedule where each child gets one in person learning lab and one online learning lab.

Learning labs- 45 minutes per group in person. 30 minutes on zoom.

Monday Feb 15- no school

Tuesday Feb 16- AM asynchronous work (no zooms). No PM Half Day.

Wednesday Feb 17- ZOOM  labs Red (1030) , Green(215) , Purple (3)

Thursday Feb 18-Yellow in person (2-245)

Friday Feb 19- in person Blue (2-245) Orange (3-345)

Monday Feb 22- in person Green (2-245) Red (3-345)

Tuesday Feb 23- in person Purple (2-245)

Wednesday Feb 24- ZOOM  labs Orange (10) , Blue (215) , Yellow (3)

Thursday Feb 25- personal day

Friday Feb 26- personal day

During in person labs we will be learning our procedures for coats, backpacks, and our seats. We will also read some books together and complete an art project for our door. 

Each group only comes in person ONE time before we begin hybrid on March 1st. Please try and make every effort to make this scheduled time. I would love to have them exposed to the room before the first day back. 

All of the above dates and times are in the Schoology calendar. On the main screen you will see upcoming with a calendar icon. If you click that icon it will show you the entire months plans. That may be helpful to you over the next couple weeks.

More information about hybrid and schedules, procedures, what home days and school days look like will be posted on Tuesday morning.

Please email me with any questions. This will be a new experience for us all and I hope to make it an easy transition for your child.

Calendar Updates!

Copied from the school blog— if you do not follow that blog please let me know! It will be important that you do over the next few weeks for important updates from the Principal and Office.

We are very excited that we have reached the metrics and are approved to begin transitioning into the face to face learning! Please see below for important dates for phasing back to school:

Thursday, Feb 11th- Asynchronous learning (no live zooms)

Friday, Feb 12th- No School (Winter Break)

Monday, Feb 15th- No School (Winter Break)

Tuesday, Feb 16th- Asynchronous Morning. Half Day. Nothing for the PM. (no live zooms)

Wednesday, Feb 17th- Normal Virtual Schedule

Thursday, Feb 18th- In-person Learning Labs Begin! The teacher will send a schedule. 

Monday, March 1st- Hybrid K-2 begins

Monday, March 8th- Hybrid 3-5 begins

Additional information with the details of our return to learn plan will be coming soon! We can’t wait to see everyone soon!