Important updates! READ :)

Hello families!

A huge thank you for everyone logging into zoom and nwea and helping me complete the testing for this month. It helps us regroup and guide our instruction to what will best help your child advance.

This is the time of the year when I change up reading groups based on needs. Many students will be switching groups and times. I was hesitating because we might be back in person soon. But I felt that we still do not know when that will be and having them in groups with similar struggles is helpful.

You will receive an email from me today or tomorrow with your child’s color reading group and what time we will be meeting on zoom. Please make every effort to attend these zooms. It is important we continue working even though zoom fatigue is real now after four months of online learning.

On Monday, February 1st you will need to drop off your child’s valentines (so i can pass them out) and grab more materials! I have a language packet, math packet, and leveled books in envelopes with your child’s name on it. The tub will be outside of the office from 9 am to 5 pm. Please drop off the valentines (at least 22) and grab the envelope.

For the month of February the language packet will be different based on your child’s specific needs. So I have three different packets going out. Instead of going over it each day on zoom they will simply complete one page a day for the check mark on the goal sheet. I know it is tempting to work ahead but please save them for one a day. It helps really engrain it into their head when they repetitively practice the same strategy.

Lastly— I am finishing up the notes I have taken during testing. Sometime tomorrow afternoon you will each receive an email from me with your child’s testing results, strengths, and struggles. This is so that we are all working on the same goals to help your child grow in reading.

Please remember if you have not done the math test that I need it by tomorrow!

Next Friday, February 5th is NO SCHOOL for Kindergarten ONLY! It is our meeting day where we compare data and learn new things 🙂

Spelling test (-an family) and show and share tomorrow morning on zoom!