Spelling/Word Family Houses Begin on Tuesday!

Dear Kindergarten Families-

We are now half way through the school year which means it is time to start spelling tests. Every Friday your child will have a list of 8 words to study and practice for the next week. They will continue through the school year and have new words weekly. They will be practicing daily with their word family house goal.

They will have a test on the words on Fridays. I will also post the words on the blog each week. The words will consist of 5 “hot” words which are part of a word family, and 3 sight words. The day of the test they will have an additional 2 “cold” words for a total of 10 words altogether. The purpose of the “cold” words is for students to learn the word families and apply the spelling pattern to other words that they have not practiced. Their first test will be Friday, January 22nd at the 9 am morning meeting zoom. After the test is complete I ask that you take a picture with your phone and send me the picture. These tests are scored and kept in a file so that they are added to report cards at the end of the marking period. Please do not help them as I need an accurate idea of how they can spell.

These tests are to prepare them for the 1st grade environment where the tests become less teacher-student oral questions and more independent paper-pencil. This will also help them while writing when they are sounding out and spelling words. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Kindergarten Spelling List #1 (Week of January 18. Test Jan 22)