Reading Test Instructions!

Tomorrow half of our class will be taking the reading assessment so I can have data for their exact reading level. A couple things about the test. It is very structured and organized. The students have not seen the books yet but they do not need to. It is meant to see what sight words they know and for them to read patterned text independently. It goes in a specific order to help build confidence while the test is taking place.

It is very important that your child is in a quiet room with me. I need to be watching how they read along with listening. The books will be on the screen for them to read. I will be able to highlight and point to words to help them if needed.

If students look at parents that can be marked down as a que… just like it would in the classroom when they would look at me. So I ask that you please log your child on then leave the room. It is important they are focused on me so I can see what ques they may need if any. Most of the time they read better for their teacher anyways 🙂

After all testing is complete I will be sending home a letter with the results explained to you. I would like to compile the tasks and reading assessment before sending home the results.

We will be using the same zoom link we always use.

Tomorrow will be:

Hamza, Adam, Kareem, Tristan, Talia, Sullivan, Youssef K, Hassan Alm, Bowie, Bilal, and Noah.

If you have forgotten your time please email me 🙂