Valentine’s Day 2021

(Celebrating on Thursday, February 11th)

Hello Families!

We are hoping to make the Valentine’s celebration this year fun! We are asking that each student make valentines for their classmates.

Please have your child make one valentine card/small treat for each child in the classroom. Please have them just put their name on the from part. The teachers will be putting them in their bags. We have 22 students in Kindergarten this year.

Please drop off to Howe Montessori office on Monday, February 1st between 9 am and 5 pm! You will see a tub for each grade level outside the office. Please place your child’s valentines in that box. We would like them early so we have time for them to sit before touching. 

They will be available for pick up on Wednesday, February 10th between 9am – 5 pm. They will be in a tub labeled by grade level. Please just take one bag. 

Howe Montessori Staff

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