Please read! NWEA information!

Because we are still remote learning the NWEA reading assessment will be completed at home. It is important that we make sure that you have a device in your home that will work with the website. Below is a test to make sure it will run correctly. Please do this ASAP! Let me know if you do not have a device at your home that will run the program. Click on the link below to test.

This link will prompt you to do three things:

  1. Device Readiness:  You will get a Pass or Fail on whether your device can administer the assessment.
  2. Check the Map Growth testing site: If your device is compatible, you will then be able to ensure your child can login properly to test.  Often pop-up blockers prevent logging in.
  3. Practice Test: You can login to a practice test if you and your child would like.  Your child has logged in to NWEA before, but testing from home is a new experience for all!
    • Click the BLUE “Try the Practice Test” once you see the Login Screen or you can access the practice test at any time with the link:  
    • Username: grow
    • Password: grow

Find more information: There are three links that you can choose to take a look at to find out more information about the NWEA Map Growth tests. Our students participate in the Map Growth Reading and the Map Growth Mathematics assessments. 

Family Toolkit – What is Map Growth and Student Stories

What is Map Growth Video?