January Testing Information!

Hello All! Hope everyone is adjusting well getting back into the school routine. Today my house is a bit sleepy but we have almost made it through our first week back! It’s been so nice hearing all of the stories about break and all the fun had with your families. We will certainly remember these holidays a little more this year.

January is always packed full of testing! We have to complete grades for the second quarter by January 22nd. I have already begun entering some of the grades from December. I do need to still assess for reading and writing. We also need to complete the NWEA reading assessment (the math will not need to be given this time around). Since numbers are still up we have been asked to do our testing online. Stressing the students out and overwhelming them is NOT something I want to happen. So I have taken the month and spread out the assessments so that they have time breaks in between them. Each student will have 3 assigned times for testing throughout the month.

Everyone will receive an email from me by the end of the day with your assessments dates. It is important that you add these to your calendars. In an effort to get back in to the routine this and next week I will be doing assessments up until the deadline for completing them (Friday, January 29th). It would be helpful if you remember the dates for me. I will try and send reminders if I can.

Morning meeting and math zooms will remain consistent throughout the entire month as we continue with our benchmark language and eureka math curriculum.

Learning labs will NOT happen January 19th-22nd and January 26th-29th. These are the two weeks that everyone will have 30 minute time slots with me to complete the testing.

Thanks so much for all of your help with this school year. I understand how hard this is and most are feeling fatigue at this point. I can not reiterate enough that our children’s social and emotional well being comes at the top of the list. These assessments are just a guideline in how to help us teach your child better. No one is ahead, behind, or not doing well. We are all doing as well as we can and that is ok. I love your littles and loving school is the most important thing we can do right now.

Please let me know if you need anything. I am always available.