Monday Updates!

Hello Parents! We finished another week!! Wahooo!!

Since the district has said we are not allowed to use google hangouts I will be experimenting with a couple different options we can begin next week. My goal is to make this the EASIEST I can for you!!! I’m looking into a couple of programs that would be as simple as clicking on a link in a text or email just like google did. This way it takes less time for you to maneuver. Although we have lots of time in quarantine learning a completely new complicated program isn’t something I want you all to have to deal with. For this week I am available to do Facetime calls while I am working things out. Just email me and I will send you my phone number.

This is our last week with our April goal sheet. Later in the week I will be sending out a three week goal sheet for May. Our participation is high and parents have expressed that this system is easy to use. So I am not going to change anything 🙂 You can expect a May goal sheet and then in a couple weeks an End of May/June goal sheet! It will come with all papers and documents that you need! Just remember to do what you can. Reading, writing, and some math problems daily are the keys to keeping their brain active!

This weeks Howe school community blog is All About Me! Click on the link to learn about the Howe School community!

Please email me any questions or anything you need!!!