Earth Day!

Happy earth day! Today you will notice they have no goals!! I did that on purpose. At school we wouldn’t have done work either. Today would be about learning about recycling and helping our earth!

Normally we would work in the morning on sorting items in the correct piles. Unfortunately that is a paper that I don’t have electronically. Pinterest has ideas for things to do today. I would recommend some earth day art projects this morning — hand painting earth, they have a tear construction paper earth, and just drawing and coloring an earth. Go to Pinterest and type in earth day activities. You will get many examples and can choose something that you have the supplies for. The scavenger hunts in your backyards would also be fun!

In the afternoon each year I always take my class outside and we collect trash. I have gloves at school but if you don’t have any at home you could wear winter gloves and wash after. Picking up trash is a way we can help our earth stay clean.