New week!

Hello All! We are on to the next week! Feels like time is going fast given the circumstances! The new district plan begins tomorrow and we have pretty much doing everything they are requiring.

What I need from you: an email with ONE picture of a writing sample for the week AND an email with a picture of completed goals (the April goal sheet). So really you will just have to email me two times a week and it can be any day or time. I am very flexible with when you can do the class work and just send me the email when it’s convenient. The only thing that matters is that everything is checked off by the next week so you are ready to begin the next topic. I will also email if I don’t hear from you by the Sunday of the new week to make sure everything is ok.

The packets that I sent with progress reports are supplemental. Don’t think you need to rush and finish those quickly. They can also count on the goal sheet. For example comprehension passages can count for the epic or Raz goal. The packets are not meant to stress just additional resources to have and do when you have time.

As for eureka math- you may continue with zearn and use the module teacher lessons on the website I emailed last week if you would like. When the school is open (hopefully in May) I will grab the modules 5 and 6 and drop off at your homes. We will work through those together once we have them.

When I am allowed in the building I will make copies for everyone and leave them with the math modules. I know that the kids do well with them and should be able to do independently once the directions are read. Don’t stress if you can’t print. I will get them to you when I can.

I will start posting spelling words to work on. We will NOT have a test. Just practice them when you can.

Google hangouts will be scheduled weekly but will be different times. I want to make sure people are accommodated so I will be doing different times each week. We will just be doing a check in and answering questions so it is not a big deal if you can not make it. Just email me ahead of time.

Lastly they would like to have office hours so that you can contact me. I’m really available all the time for emails. I will set my office hours for Tuesday 9-11 am and Thursday 4-6 pm. If you have an iPhone and want to FaceTime I am more then willing to do that as well. Or I can do a google hangout. Only warning is my house is pure chaos with my toddler so she will probably interrupt! 🙂 But I have no problems video chatting and walking you through things to help and see those faces I’ve been missing! Email me if you need my phone number for FaceTime calls.

I understand this isn’t easy. I can make many accommodations that are needed. Just email me and let me know. As for now everyone is pretty good with the workload and is finishing goals successfully! That’s where we want to be. May and June will NOT have a bunch added. It will be roughly the same check off sheet.

Please email me if you need anything! 🙂 More info about plants will be coming out tomorrow 🙂