Friday Updates!

Happy Friday all! Another week in the books and that feels good. We have our countdowns at home because my oldest is excited to be in kindergarten in the fall! What are you all counting down to? We always like to have something exciting in mind to keep our eye on the prize!

Yesterday the district sent us the details of our virtual learning plan. I was wondering how everything was going? Is what I have given you too much? Too little? Too many websites? Too many worksheets? Hoping you all can email and let me know how you are feeling! I will need to add a couple things in order to be compliant with the plan but can do so how you prefer.

I have been keeping all emails that show work so that I have the proof that you all are completing goals! This will be turned into the district as they request to be sure that we are participated in online learning.

We will also not be allowed to zoom. Dearborn has expressed it is not a fully secure website. We will switch our Zoom hangout to a google hangout for Tuesday. I will email directions on Monday but it is the same as zoom—- you click the email.

Remember to email me at some point so I know how to best help you!

Happy weekend and enjoy the 50s! After our snowy day today! 😕