Conferences Cancelled

Hello! I just wanted to email and let you know that conferences are cancelled as of right now. I am sorry that the sign up genius emailed you— I completely forgot to turn off notifications for the sign up.

In the process of making lesson plans for April, May, and June I took all of the remaining standards for Kindergarten and made priorities of what needed to be known for first grade. That is how I made my lesson plans. From there I went and looked at each child’s tests from March and made individual goals for the students. These are called Spring progress reports. These are what I will be emailing out on Wednesday with some additional resources.

I had always planned on giving the progress reports for conferences but have added in a lot more details over the last two weeks. I also thought it was important to buy/find more resources for the topics that the students needed more help with.

As always thanks for being understanding as we transition through this time of unknown. Feel free to message me with any concerns, questions, or thoughts. Emails will be sent out through the course of the day on Wednesday. Tomorrow I have surprises for your child 🙂 Have a great night.

Monday updates!

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great spring break. We loved the gorgeous weather and worked outside quite a bit. We found scrap wood and made a garden in our back yard to keep us busy! You really can get everything on amazon 🙂 I hope you all had time to make some memories as well.

April plans and work were uploaded last week. For the packets you can choose which page to do. It is easier then assigning pages. The pages I sent are all good skills to be practicing.

Reminder if you do not have a printer I need to know by the end of today! Thanks!

I can’t wait to see pictures of the animal lapbook! If you don’t have a folder just use a piece of paper.