Hello All! I hope everyone enjoyed the last couple days and the beautiful weather! We were outside all day yesterday and my kids slept amazing from the sun and fresh air. Bummed the temperature dropped but hopefully warm weather will be back soon!

In the previous post I have attached all of the documents for April!

*These MAY CHANGE if the district comes up with a different distance learning plan. So this is what we have so far.

It may seem like a lot but it really should not take them more then an hour or two. We are in the end of the year and I do not want to leave things out just because we aren’t at school. Telling time is something they were all excited to do!

Please send me pictures daily of the completed work or check off sheet! I have a spreadsheet going of students finishing their goals each day! 🙂

***Important—- If you have NO WAY of printing the packets I have attached in the last blog post please email me by Friday so I can figure something out for you!

Field trip money is locked in the school but I have not forgotten about it. When the building is opened back up I will get the money and mail it back to your house.

Next Zoom hangout will be on Tuesday, April 21st at 4 pm. I was hoping the kids could show each other their animal lapbook! The zoom invite will come out 15 minutes before with the link and password.

As always please email me with any questions, concerns, or fun things you are doing.