Report Cards!

Just a quick reminder that different standards are graded each marking period for the different core subject areas.

Each marking period we assess only the standards we were working on. For example last marking period in Language I assessed on reading left to right, top to bottom, identifying author and illustrator on the cover of the book, and reading the simple pre primer dolch sight words. In math last marking period I assessed matching one to one when building numbers with base ten and Montessori materials, and counting by 1s and 2D shapes.

This marking period for science our grades were based on what animals needed to survive. Basically our entire animal unit. In social studies the grades were based on the needs and wants unit. Language was based on rhyming, syllables, blends (sh, ch, etc). We also worked on story elements (characters, setting, problem/solution, and main idea). For Math we assessed counting by 5s,10s, and 2s. Also addition, subtraction, counting forward from a number, greater than/less than, 3D shapes, and number bonds.

Hope this helps with some clarification!