Spring break updates!

This week is officially spring break! Although we can’t go anywhere I’m hoping to spend the week making memories with my girls. We are visiting another metropark for hiking, setting up our tent in our basement for a sleepover night, and zooming with family one night. My hope is they will remember the fun times and not be so sad about not being able to leave the house. I encourage you all to have some fun this week too!

A couple things:

Report cards will be posted tomorrow. Below is the directions to access them:

How do parents login to ParentConnect? To login to ParentConnect, parents need their PIN and password. To retrieve their password:

Parents go to Dearborn Schools web site then ParentConnect link. If they don’t know the login info, they click (Need Your Login Information) link and it will prompt them to enter their email address as provided to the school and entered in MIStar (Menu/Enrollment/Student Editor/Contacts) and click Submit. This process emails them their PIN and Password.

If you are still unable to access, let me know and I will email Mrs. Fournier who can assist.

My April plans are ALMOST finished! I will have a 3 week schedule with check off boxes just like we did for March. I typically teach most of my standards before spring break so that we can learn how to tell time and money for the last marking period. These are first grade standards but they do show up on nwea so I think they are important to introduce. I am working on a couple things that will make the last 8-10 weeks easier for us to navigate together. Please be patient and I promise to have it uploaded by Friday 🙂 this week is a week off anyways so do art projects or explore nature instead.

Have a great week!