Do You Need A Chromebook?

Teachers have provided daily on-line enrichment activities for students to complete while we are out of school. It has been brought to my attention, that we have some students who do not have access to a computer, tablet, or phone device to participate in these activities. With support from Dearborn Schools, we are extending an opportunity for our students with this need to borrow a Chromebook from Howe School until we return from the shutdown.

Chromebooks will be made available for drive-through pick-up on Friday, March 20 from 9:00-11:00 under the Ann Arbor Trail canopy at Howe School.

At this time we can only provide 1 Chromebook per family to be shared by all Howe students in the family.

You will need to have access to wireless internet or a hotspot to use the Chromebook in your home

A parent MUST be present and sign a copy of this form to receive a Chromebook. The form will be provided at pick-up. Please read for more information.

To reserve a Chromebook:

If you would like to borrow a Chromebook, please complete this form. This will help us to facilitate the process and ensure availability. Remember, you will need to have access to wireless internet or a hot spot to use the Chromebook in your household.

If you have questions regarding Chromebook Lending contact Ms. Fournier at


Hi All!!

I am LOVING getting all of the pictures! Most families have sent me completed work pictures and the goal sheet except a couple! You parents are rocking out this homeschooling thing! I will be proud to tell Mrs. Fournier I have daily contact with my families and everyone seems to be doing their best. And honestly— that’s all we can ask for is that everyone is trying.

Today’s Mammals bubble map page has the numbers 1.2.3. and three boxes. This is when your child can choose three important things they learned about mammals. They can fill in the sentence by sounding out words and then drawing to match the picture.

I will be sending an email shortly with some additional math resources. Look for that by noon in your inbox.

Today we are going for a walk looking for signs of spring. When we get home I will have my daughter write a story for me telling me what she saw and learned. (She keeps telling me I make her work harder then her preschool teachers?!?! LOL! Oh well she is having fun and that is all that matters).

I will be checking Raz Kids again today! Reading 3-4 books is a perfect amount and should get the 20 minutes I have on the goal sheets.

For Zearn math they may move ahead to the first grade modules but please do not go past grade 1. It can get quite complicated at the end of first grade material and I would not want the students frustrated.

Please remember to email me if you need anything. Have a great day!!!

Tuesday updates!

The school is making a list of families that need chrome books for home to complete the student work. If you NEED one please email me ASAP! I will pass along the information to the person coordinating the pick up date/times.

We made rainbows with colored paper and a glue stick! The students can just rip the pieces in smaller sizes and glue to make a rainbow. They also have paint activity ideas on Pinterest but we don’t have paint at our house! We will still do a couple rainbow projects when we return in April I just thought the kids might like the idea.

Good Morning!

Hello friends and Happy St Patrick’s day! That silly leprechaun is hopefully not out around Dearborn causing mischief! I have a fun science video on how rainbows are made which I hope you can watch!

We will be completing our morning goals then doing a rainbow glue-ing activity at my house. If you have scrap paper you just rip the pieces to complete the rainbow! Parents- look up on Pinterest “rainbow art projects kindergarten” and see if you have any of the materials to complete one! I will share throughout the day ideas 🙂

Shoutout to Gemma, Eisley, Hassan M, Lincoln, and Amir A! They finished their goals and sent me a picture of their goal sheet marked off and completed for Week 1 and Day 1! Great job, friends! Hoping I hear from more of you today!


Just found out that if you are accessing abcya on a phone or iPad it will not work. It continues to ask you for login and password. When you play on a normal computer like we do in class all of the games are unlocked like normal.
If you don’t have access to a normal computer I will post more links over the next few days that can be used as well.

Monday updates!

Blog seems to be the easiest way to keep in communication. After a couple attempts at emailing the video it seems to have finally sent from my outbox. Sorry if you get multiple of them…. technology is not my greatest area 🙂

things to know:

I would love getting emails and pictures of your child with the goals completed. I gave mostly familiar goals because I know quite a few of you are also work from home. Hopefully the items I gave them to do they can do independently like they do in the classrooms. As this is all new territory I did not want to overwhelm them with too much. Below I will add additional activities that you can do if you have time.

*Cosmic Kids Yoga on kids YouTube! (We have done these a couple times in the classroom and they love it.
* writing a story in their writing notebooks. They can write about anything they would like- animals, friends, things they like to do, etc.
*they can go back and practice old word families- (at, an, ig). This would be a good review.
* The math packets you picked up can be done over the next couple weeks slowly. The students should continue to practice addition and subtraction daily!
* I always allow free choice time with legos, playdo, drawing/coloring. These are all great fine motor!
* The students love brain breaks on YouTube! Herman the worm, body boogie, and more from preschool learning station are favorites. You can google the above names and they should pop up!

Most important thing to remember is we always have breaks during the day. I don’t make them sit and work for more then an hour without a break. The schedule I posted earlier I thought was perfect! It had breaks, quiet time, and cooking/crafts time! That is a great place to make memories during this crazy time.

Again— I am here for you. Please let me know what you need ❤️


Hello All!

The district has had us spend time this morning creating a loose schedule of 3 weeks worth of work for our students. In the previous blog post you will find downloadable files that you can look over and print if you have a printer. Please take time to look over the document kinder work from home and try and complete as many tasks as possible. Keeping the students working each day will help the time go faster. As for now I will be posting and checking in a couple times each week. Please feel free to email. That will be the best way to get a hold of me.

This is certainly a unique situation and I am hoping we all stay healthy and safe. Thank you for all of your patience and understanding as this is new territory for us all. I will do my best to help from home as much as I can.


Went to bed way too early last night and I’m waking up to the news! Students can come in this morning and grab things! Please do so. I will be there. I won’t have work yet but they can take baskets with them and I will be spending the morning making a plan.