Zoom Hangout!

I just emailed out the invites for a zoom hangout session on Thursday! For those who haven’t used zoom you just click the link on the email around 4 pm. (If you click early it will put you in a waiting room until I log on). I chose 4 pm because I was hoping most parents would be able to log their kids on! It will have video and sound so we can all talk to each other! We might need some parent help at first. Zoom seems to be the easiest for the younger kids to handle because they can see all of their friends.

Recap- Keep the email I just sent you called Zoom Hangout

On Thursday (April 2) at 4 pm click on the link in the email. Password is 1234.

Then we should all be able to see each other and talk!

(The session should work on a computer AND phone so pick what is easiest for you).

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