Monday Updates

Hello Parents!

Last week we finally finished insects which concludes the animal units! This week we would have been using our class time to research and pick an animal for the biome homework. I understand it will be tough to do the project being as we are ordered to stay home. I would begin with the research part. If they haven’t already choose the animal this would be a great day to!

For the research part. What does the animal eat? How does the animal get water? Where does the animal live? What are some interesting facts about the animal. The students should fill out the bubble map with this information specific to the animal they chose.

Please WAIT to do biomes until we hear what this week brings. I would be devastated if they cancel school for the remainder of the year— we have so many fun things planned! At this point lets take it day by day.

When I checked Zearn and Raz kids I saw that almost everyone was doing a great job! Most were doing a couple lessons and books every day for the last two weeks! Keep it up!

Information regarding report cards will be coming soon! I finished them last week and submitted to the district. Luckily I had finished most of my testing needed to complete them! More information to come.

Please let me know if you need anything 🙂 Have a great Monday!

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