Monday news!

Who else is utterly disappointed to be waking up to snow?!?!?! I was really hoping the weatherman was going to be wrong. Guess our morning walk will be making snowmen in the back yard instead.

This week is our last animal unit— insects! Below is the video introducing insects and their characteristics.

This week and next we will be experimenting as a staff with google hangout voice and video calls. We have heard this is a great way to “meet” as a class. Do you all have google accounts? If not maybe create one this week so we can have this option if school continues to be cancelled.

As for Eureka math– you may continue working in the workbook if you have picked it up. Module 4 is mostly number bonds practice. The students should be able to complete the pages if you read the directions to them. We *should* have been starting module 5 after spring break in April. We will try and keep that same pace. If you need additional number bond pages let me know and I can see if I can find some more.

Later today I will be emailing out some rhyming pages. We would normally assess for that the week after spring break as well. We have been working on rhyming for quite a while so hopefully these pages will be review.

I understand that many of you are work from home now. And working and teaching your own child is REALLY difficult! Please just try your best, I am hearing from many parents they are overwhelmed and we don’t want to be causing you added stress. Your child should be able to read, write, and practice addition/subtraction problems on their own. If that’s all that gets done in a day then they are at least keeping their brains active. For those who want additional work because your kids are still enthusiastic about ‘homeschooling’ let me know and I can send additional work.

We are in this together– United we stand and divided we fall. I am thinking positive thoughts for all of you and hope everyone is safe and healthy!

Let me know how I can help. Give those kinders hugs and tell them I miss them bunches <3