Do You Need A Chromebook?

Teachers have provided daily on-line enrichment activities for students to complete while we are out of school. It has been brought to my attention, that we have some students who do not have access to a computer, tablet, or phone device to participate in these activities. With support from Dearborn Schools, we are extending an opportunity for our students with this need to borrow a Chromebook from Howe School until we return from the shutdown.

Chromebooks will be made available for drive-through pick-up on Friday, March 20 from 9:00-11:00 under the Ann Arbor Trail canopy at Howe School.

At this time we can only provide 1 Chromebook per family to be shared by all Howe students in the family.

You will need to have access to wireless internet or a hotspot to use the Chromebook in your home

A parent MUST be present and sign a copy of this form to receive a Chromebook. The form will be provided at pick-up. Please read for more information.

To reserve a Chromebook:

If you would like to borrow a Chromebook, please complete this form. This will help us to facilitate the process and ensure availability. Remember, you will need to have access to wireless internet or a hot spot to use the Chromebook in your household.

If you have questions regarding Chromebook Lending contact Ms. Fournier at


Hi All!!

I am LOVING getting all of the pictures! Most families have sent me completed work pictures and the goal sheet except a couple! You parents are rocking out this homeschooling thing! I will be proud to tell Mrs. Fournier I have daily contact with my families and everyone seems to be doing their best. And honestly— that’s all we can ask for is that everyone is trying.

Today’s Mammals bubble map page has the numbers 1.2.3. and three boxes. This is when your child can choose three important things they learned about mammals. They can fill in the sentence by sounding out words and then drawing to match the picture.

I will be sending an email shortly with some additional math resources. Look for that by noon in your inbox.

Today we are going for a walk looking for signs of spring. When we get home I will have my daughter write a story for me telling me what she saw and learned. (She keeps telling me I make her work harder then her preschool teachers?!?! LOL! Oh well she is having fun and that is all that matters).

I will be checking Raz Kids again today! Reading 3-4 books is a perfect amount and should get the 20 minutes I have on the goal sheets.

For Zearn math they may move ahead to the first grade modules but please do not go past grade 1. It can get quite complicated at the end of first grade material and I would not want the students frustrated.

Please remember to email me if you need anything. Have a great day!!!