Tuesday updates!

The school is making a list of families that need chrome books for home to complete the student work. If you NEED one please email me ASAP! I will pass along the information to the person coordinating the pick up date/times.

We made rainbows with colored paper and a glue stick! The students can just rip the pieces in smaller sizes and glue to make a rainbow. They also have paint activity ideas on Pinterest but we don’t have paint at our house! We will still do a couple rainbow projects when we return in April I just thought the kids might like the idea.

Good Morning!

Hello friends and Happy St Patrick’s day! That silly leprechaun is hopefully not out around Dearborn causing mischief! I have a fun science video on how rainbows are made which I hope you can watch! https://mysteryscience.com/mini-lessons/rainbows#slide-id-8205

We will be completing our morning goals then doing a rainbow glue-ing activity at my house. If you have scrap paper you just rip the pieces to complete the rainbow! Parents- look up on Pinterest “rainbow art projects kindergarten” and see if you have any of the materials to complete one! I will share throughout the day ideas 🙂

Shoutout to Gemma, Eisley, Hassan M, Lincoln, and Amir A! They finished their goals and sent me a picture of their goal sheet marked off and completed for Week 1 and Day 1! Great job, friends! Hoping I hear from more of you today!