Just found out that if you are accessing abcya on a phone or iPad it will not work. It continues to ask you for login and password. When you play on a normal computer like we do in class all of the games are unlocked like normal.
If you don’t have access to a normal computer I will post more links over the next few days that can be used as well.

Monday updates!

Blog seems to be the easiest way to keep in communication. After a couple attempts at emailing the video it seems to have finally sent from my outbox. Sorry if you get multiple of them…. technology is not my greatest area 🙂

things to know:

I would love getting emails and pictures of your child with the goals completed. I gave mostly familiar goals because I know quite a few of you are also work from home. Hopefully the items I gave them to do they can do independently like they do in the classrooms. As this is all new territory I did not want to overwhelm them with too much. Below I will add additional activities that you can do if you have time.

*Cosmic Kids Yoga on kids YouTube! (We have done these a couple times in the classroom and they love it.
* writing a story in their writing notebooks. They can write about anything they would like- animals, friends, things they like to do, etc.
*they can go back and practice old word families- (at, an, ig). This would be a good review.
* The math packets you picked up can be done over the next couple weeks slowly. The students should continue to practice addition and subtraction daily!
* I always allow free choice time with legos, playdo, drawing/coloring. These are all great fine motor!
* The students love brain breaks on YouTube! Herman the worm, body boogie, and more from preschool learning station are favorites. You can google the above names and they should pop up!

Most important thing to remember is we always have breaks during the day. I don’t make them sit and work for more then an hour without a break. The schedule I posted earlier I thought was perfect! It had breaks, quiet time, and cooking/crafts time! That is a great place to make memories during this crazy time.

Again— I am here for you. Please let me know what you need ❤️