Hello All!

The district has had us spend time this morning creating a loose schedule of 3 weeks worth of work for our students. In the previous blog post you will find downloadable files that you can look over and print if you have a printer. Please take time to look over the document kinder work from home and try and complete as many tasks as possible. Keeping the students working each day will help the time go faster. As for now I will be posting and checking in a couple times each week. Please feel free to email. That will be the best way to get a hold of me.

This is certainly a unique situation and I am hoping we all stay healthy and safe. Thank you for all of your patience and understanding as this is new territory for us all. I will do my best to help from home as much as I can.


Went to bed way too early last night and I’m waking up to the news! Students can come in this morning and grab things! Please do so. I will be there. I won’t have work yet but they can take baskets with them and I will be spending the morning making a plan.