Reminder that field trip money is due by this Friday! We need a final count and to pay the farm on Monday.

We have added the final language goal of the year— word sort. The students are practice s,h, and sh sounds. They match picture to sound and also try and spell the words.

At this point in the year I continue to remind them that we are closer to first grade then they think and we need to squeeze our brains with as much as we can before summer! The students will continue to work on their Montessori work, name folder, word family house, letter of the day, read to self, and read to others goals. Instead of me reminding and checking off each goal as they complete them I am asking them to be more independent. The students will show me their baskets at the end of math and we will add in an extra 15 minute recess for those who have finished goals. It is a good motivation for them to work a little faster and not just sit around talking. The students are all able to finish their goals in 45 minutes and we have an hour and fifteen minute block right now for them to work. They have plenty of time to finish everything. This created some frustration today when some had not finished and were upset that they did not get that extra recess. We talked about how important it is to finish these goals each day. Hopefully by next week they will become more adjusted to the timing and have everything finished. If your child is upset or frustrated just remind them that as long as they continue to work hard that is what we are looking for. I really just want to make the transition to first grade as easy as possible for them.

I have a couple of available afternoons if anyone wants to come in and read to them from 315-330. Please email me 🙂

My rule is they have to have a coat or sweater on if its below 60 (feels like). I told them they could bring a lighter sweater and keep in their locker if they wanted.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the items I needed! We begin our continent study on Wednesday!

Spring Picture Day has been scheduled for Friday, March 27th!

PTA is looking for volunteers to help with Scholastic Book Fair on Wednesday-March 18, Thursday-March 19, and boxing up on Friday, March 20th. If you are available to help please email me or sign up on the sign up genius!

Reminder– This Friday- March 13th is a HALF DAY with 1145 am dismissal.

Have a great week!