Weekly News

Each Friday I try and update all of you about what we have done in the classroom throughout the week. It seems like it flew by and everyone is amazed at how well the class is doing already– including myself! We are walking in the hall in a quiet line, choosing and grabbing our own hot lunches, and able to arrive/dismiss with the correct routines! They truly have made great growth this week! It has me super excited for all the fun stuff we will be able to do this year.

A big part of the first week is learning the routines and our classroom space. We have practical life and sensorial shelves and the students have started working on the materials slowly. Today they completed a self-portrait and then were able to grab “work” off of the shelves. Many are calling it toys still because they are working with blocks, playdo, orbeez, puzzles and all of the fun stuff. It’s a great way to get them interested in the materials on the shelves and also explore what we have in the room. I’m excited to open the painting station next week!

We will begin slowly testing the students the next two weeks so that we know what they already know academically. I would like to get them started in the Montessori language and math sequence as soon as possible and can do this after testing. I also have Ms. Puchala (Howe schools interventionist) and Ms. Bost (and early childhood teacher who is assigned to our classroom) to help assist with testing. If your child mentions they worked with someone else it is likely to be one of them. They are a huge part of our classroom and are here to help our students with literacy. We will be working together throughout the year to help your child be a successful reader. Until we are finished testing we will be working on a letter of the day each day, writing our full name and addresses, reading to self, and reading to others.

This week we have also spent a lot of time discussing why we want to be “Upstanders”. An upstander is a person who helps friends and protects themselves and others against bullies. We have discussed ways that bullies can act and what we can do about it! The most important thing is using our words and telling an adult. We made an Upstander pledge and each student promised to help make our room a safe and secure place this year. By promising they painted a finger on a poster. It’s hanging in the hall for all to see at Open House next week.

Next week specials begin! Please remember Monday and Wednesday are gym days and they need to have on gym shoes!

Scheduling Reminders-

NO SCHOOL Friday and Monday for Labor Day

Open House — Wednesday, September 4th! (A great time for you to come and see inside the classroom)

Have a great long weekend!