Parent Connect

Please make sure to have logged on and filled out the emergency card on Parent Connect. You will need to login and either enter information or update it. If you have any questions Ms. Bernadette in the office can answer them! Thanks!

First Week

Hard to believe we have already completed two days of kindergarten already! The students have done a great job learning the procedures and routines. Today we were able to practice with our Montessori rugs and some puzzles. Tomorrow we will have more chances to work with some practical life and sensorial work from our shelves.

Just a couple of reminders:

Please email me if your child is getting hot lunch that day. This was extremely helpful today in decided who had hot or cold lunch. If your child will be getting hot lunch every day then email me that and I can add them to a list so that you do not need to email me daily. I appreciate your help while we learn how to be better prepared for lunch time.

For drop off in the morning please have the kindergartners stand in a line on our side of the entrance way. When they are already lined up it makes it easier to get in the building faster 🙂

We ask that parents allow the students to walk to their lockers by themselves to unpack. The rule is that parents should stop at the end of the hallway to say goodbye because our hallway can get quite congested. The preschool parents unpack their children but we really want our kindergarten students to be confident and able to complete things independently. A big part of the Montessori philosophy is independence.

We will continue to do dismissal like we did yesterday and today for the duration of the year. I always have the students stand against the wall and fist bump/high five me before they leave so that I can look for the parent picking up. This is just to help with safety. If you need to speak with me please wait until the students are mostly gone so that I am not trying to do both at the same time. I appreciate your understanding in this.

Don’t forget to send in a morning snack with your child. Typically we do not eat lunch until 1140 which is a little later. The snacks will help hold them over until lunch time.