Things to know!

Hello Parents!

I hope you are enjoying the last weekend of summer! We couldn’t have asked for better weather today. Below are some things that may be helpful for the first couple weeks of school.

This Monday-Thursday school time are 8:35 am until 11:45 am. I will meet you outside of the front doors at that time to enter the building. We like the students to walk in by themselves as the school year goes on but if you need to the first day or two that is ok. We will practice unloading our backpacks and bringing folders, water bottles, and snacks into the classroom. The students will have morning activities to work on while we wait for all students to arrive.

On Monday their will be NO LUNCH! Tuesday-Thursday the Kindergarten students will eat lunch in the cafeteria before they come home. All Dearborn students have the opportunity to receive free lunch again this year. If your child will be eating hot lunch that day please send me an email by 830 that morning. This only needs to be done in the beginning of the year but it helps me make sure that all students can choose what they want for lunch. I do not have time to check backpacks daily so I look for emails and notes in the take home folder each morning at 8:20 and 9 am. The lunch menu is posted on the Dearborn Public Schools home page and the students will get 3 choices this year. It would be very helpful if you went over the choices the night before with your child to make sure they will eat one of them 🙂

The daily schedule will be posted in the next post. If it changes I will upload the new one but I tend to have the same daily routine so that the students have the routines the same each day.

If you would like to volunteer please stop by Ms. Bernadette in the office the first week to get the form to be completed. ALL parents will need the background check in order to volunteer for the field trips. Our first field trip is mid- October. The sooner you fill out those forms the better.

Home folders are yellow this year! I need you to check these each night for papers. If you need to send in any notes for me please put them in here. I check these first thing in the morning. They should come home and return the next day.

Each child will need one healthy snack and a refillable water bottle each day. The students keep the water bottle and snack on their table in the mornings and are able to eat it when they are hungry. We have lunch at 11:40 so most will need a snack before then. Please try and send in water bottles that is non spill (contigo, camelback, anything that isn’t a hole at the top that can get knocked over and spilled easily). Ask me if you have any questions about this.

Please send in an extra pair of clothes (shirt, pants, socks) in a bag to be kept in your child’s locker! It is really hard sometimes to make it back inside when they have to go quickly. If your child has clothes already in their locker they can change and get right back into the classroom. If an accident does occur they will put the dirty clothes in the bag and I will email you to check the backpack that night.

This is the most important stuff for week one of school!!! More information will be posted as we progress over the next two weeks.

Feel free to email me with any questions!

Can’t wait to see all the students Monday morning!