August 28

Classroom and School Policies and Procedures

I look forward to working together with you, as a team, to educate your child and help in preparing your children to grow to their full potential.  Here is some important information for the school year:


Your student should be in their seat, ready to work at 8:40 am.  Attendance is taken at 8:40am and they will be marked tardy if they arrive after 8:40am.  Students will be picked up outside (weather permitting) the front doors by either myself or another teacher and brought to the classroom after the 8:30am school bell.  Please make sure that your child is lined up when the bell rings at 8:30am.  Tardiness is embarrassing to your student and disruptive to the class – classroom instruction must stop so that I can change the absence to a tardy in the computer as well as fill the student in on information that he/she has missed.  Parents are not permitted to walk their child into the school and/or to the classroom.  All parents must stop and check-in at the office.

If your student does come in late for some reason, please walk them to the office to sign them in and to order their lunch if they are buying hot lunch.  Our lunch count is taken at 8:40 with attendance and sent to the office.  If you child in not here to make his/her choice, a lunch will not be ordered for him/her.

Please remember there will be some late starts on Wednesdays.  These days are posted on the district website.  On Late Start days, school begins at 9:40am.


Our school day ends at 3:35.  Please arrive at 3:35 pm to pick up your children.  We will bring your children out to the front.  When your child sees you he/she must inform me who is here to pick them up and say “good-bye” before leaving.  This allows me to know exactly when a student is leaving and with whom.  Please be sure that whoever is picking up your child has their name on the Emergency Card in the office.  I will not release your child without this information.

Half-Day Dismissal – School will dismiss students on half-days at 11:45am.

Early dismissal – If your child will need to be picked up early for some reason.  Please call the office and let them know what time you will arrive.  They will call me and I will get your child ready and they will be waiting for you in the office.  Please try to provide me time to prepare their notes and homework before they leave.


  • Monday:  Music
  • Tuesday:  Science Enrichment
  • Wednesday:  PE (remember gym shoes)
  • Thursday:  Media Center and Music
  • Friday:  Art


Students will receive new spelling lists on Mondays.  The list will consist of 10 words – 5 pattern words and 5 Dolch words.   Please practice these words with your child, with high focus on the pattern of the week.  He/She will be responsible for spelling them correctly on tests and in everyday work.  Tests will be on Friday – which will also have an additional 5 pattern words (unknown to the students what words they are) to see if they understand the pattern we worked on all week.  Spelling tests will have a total of 15 words on them.  Handwriting counts on spelling tests – if I cannot read the letters or words, it will be marked wrong.


This year we will be using the Everyday Math series along with a Common Core Math Workbook.  Math homework will be sent home on a regular basis.  All students will be expected to memorize their math facts (addition and subtraction).  They will be tested on them each Friday along with the spelling tests.  Please practice these with your child at home.  Memorization is crucial to further success in math.

Communication/Homework Folders:

Students will receive a Communication/Homework folder that must be kept in his/her backpack while at home.  Any homework or notes going home or coming back to school should be placed in this folder.  Each morning students must take their folders out of their backpack, put homework and notes in the basket, and put the folder in their mailbox.


We are in need of many parent volunteers to assist throughout the school year.  I will send home a volunteer form for parents to sign up.


I would like to make myself available to talk with parents as much as possible but please understand that I am very busy in the mornings preparing for the day and this is not the best time to talk. Please give your child a note in the morning and I will read it as soon as possible.  If you would like to talk, the best way to reach me is by email.  These come to my cell phone, computer, and iPad so I will sometimes see these during the day and even at night.  You can also call the office, leave a note in my office mailbox, or send it with your child in their daily folder.

My Blog:

I have taken the time to get a blog up and running for this school year.  I plan to use this as the main form of communication as we are trying to make our school and community a greener place to live.  Please make sure that you keep me current on your email address and you will get an email blast when I need to send information.  If you do not have access to a computer, please let me know so I can print you information, but you should also have a friend in class who can call you if there is a last minute change.  I am also going to be using an app on my iPhone/iPad this year – it allows me to text your phone with important last-minute information and reminders.  If you would like to receive these text messages, text the message    @ccedf    to    (734) 666-0724 in order to subscribe to the service.  There is not a fee for this service (only regular texting fees/rates according to your phone service provider).  Please be aware that this is not my phone number and I cannot communicate with you through it.  It is a form of one-way communication from me to you.  If you need to contact me, please use one of the above mentioned choices.

Birthday Celebrations:

Birthdays are celebrated at the end of the day.  Children may bring in a small treat for the students to eat.  Examples include cupcakes, brownies or cookies.  Pizza parties and/or “goodie bags” will not be allowed.  Please notify me a day or two before you are planning on sending a treat in so that the office can be notified of it’s arrival.

Birthday invitations – If you are giving your child a birthday party (outside of school hours) and want to invite certain children from the class, you will have to give out those invitations outside of school.  You may pass out invitations in school only if you are inviting the entire class.  Too much class time is spent on consoling those who are left out.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


We use the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) at William Ford Elementary School.  We encourage positive behavior.  Students will be flipping cards in the following order:  green, yellow, orange, blue, and red.  Please help reinforce at home when we send home notes about poor behavior in school.  Parent involvement is a very important indicator of student behavior and cooperation.  Thanks in advance for all your support.


First Grade’s lunch time is 11:15-11:45.  Students will be going outside during this time (weather permitting).  Please make sure to dress your child according to the weather (jackets, gloves, scarves, boots, hats, etc).  Students will not be permitted to stay indoors on cold days because they did not wear appropriate clothing.


Snack will be held around 2:00pm.  Students may bring a healthy snack of their choice on Fridays.  Students will only be allowed to eat a healthy snack.  Healthy snacks include: fruit, vegetables, crackers, cheese, yogurt, healthy dry low sugar cereals, granola and cereal bars, plain popcorn, etc.  Chips, cookies, candy, fruit chews, pop or sugary fruit drinks, etc. will not be eaten at snack.  These are also discouraged at lunch time; please send healthy lunches with protein that will sustain them for the rest of the day.

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