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Our Spring Break is scheduled for Monday-Friday next week. There will be no new assignments given and no new blog updates!! Take that time to have some safe fun!!

So as of now.. just focus on Flocabulary already assigned and IXL..

Update about IXL: There is NO SET DUE DATE!!!! I will give you a 2 week heads up when and how to turn in your logs.

FYI video of the day: “How Do Things Glow in The Dark?”


Happy April Fool’s Day!! Wish we were celebrating together.. I am sure you could come up with a few

Back to business..

IXL: I’ve added the following skills about Potential and Kinetic Energy. They are the following: H.1, H.2, H.3 and H.4 these are all level 7 Continue logging your scores on the provided log in Google Classroom. I’ll reattach a writeable document if you didn’t start one the last time.

Keep working on the Flocabulary and Online Computer Simulations..

FYI video of the day: “Why Do We Celebrate April Fool’s Day?”

Tuesday, March 31

Doing great!! How are you?? Feel free to email me anytime to let me know what you are up to!!

Flocabulary: Continue working on the Energy assignment scheduled yesterday.

Online Simulation: You can find it in Google classroom.. Don’t forget to fill out the Google Doc that was assigned to each of you. You can type directly on it and return it in through Google Classroom. Don’t overlook #3.. read the question and put the answers in the blue boxes that follow.

IXL: Keep working on your skills you are doing great!! Check out our latest certificate!

FYI video: How are Diamonds Made?

Welcome to Monday!!

HELLO!!!!! I hope everyone was able to go out an enjoy some warmer weather this weekend and a bit of sun!! My dog has never gotten walked as much as she has these last few weeks.

Now down to business:

Flocabulary: A new assignment was sent today focusing on Energy. It will be about Kinetic/Potential Energy and the tranform/transfer of energy. All review so you should be great with the work. Remember to do all the lessons in Flocabulary except for Lyrics Lab. Don’t forget to answer the questions on the Google Form.

On line simulation is also an assignment based on Energy. Do all 5 sequences and then answer the questions on the Word Doc provided. Once again all review and should not be too hard.

IXL: Continue with your IXL lessons.. I will add skills about energy on Wed.

Doing a little bit each day will keep your Science mind razor sharp. Even if it is a little at a time, its important to keep our minds learning and practicing.

FYI video of the day: Plasma Ball


Just a reminder that Flocabulary is due today. I know how hard you all are working, but try your best to keep our due dates so that you don’t get work piled up . If you are having trouble with getting things done let me know and we can work together to set up a plan! Contact me at

If you need language support contact Mrs Saeed at

Continue working on your IXL skills.. You all continue to be IXL superheroes check out our latest certificate:

FYI video of the day: “Why do we have allergies?”

Thursday, March 26,2020

Good morning everyone!!!!!! High virtual fives to you all!!

There are no new assignments just a reminder to continue working on all your lessons!!! In case you forgot check Google classroom for the Flocabulary and IXL lessons…

IXL.. I have had a few emails about their due dates. Right now just keep recording your results on your logs. They will be collected at some point but for now just keep recording your scores and monitor your progress and growth. Every little bit of progress is amazing!

Task of the day: Make your bed and either unload the dishwasher or wash the dishes.. These life skills are important to learn too..

Video of the day: “What Causes the Northern Lights?”


Yahoo, I know you have been waiting excitedly for the new assignment. Your long wait is over!!

Please add the following to your new list of IXL skills: They are all level 7

X.1, X.2, Y.1 and Y.2

Remember our Smart Goal is between 70 -80%.. I have been so excited to see most of you exceeding that and hitting between 90-100%..I love how you are challenging yourselves!! You make me PROUD

Don’t forget your Flocabulary!!

Tip of the day! Make your bed!!! It makes all the difference….

FYI video of the day: “Why Do Knuckles Crack?”

Monday, March 23, 2020

Check your Google Classroom a new Flocabulary Assignment has been posted! Due date will be this Friday. Lyrics Lab is optional.. Don’t forget to fill out the Short Answer portion. These questions are taken from the video.. if you slide the Discuss tab at bottom of the video, it will stop where you find the answers. Remember, I want complete sentences.

There is a video on Wind Turbines in Google Classroom that is optional.. Great information on how they work!

IXL; continue working on the same skills. I will be adding new skills on Natural Resources this Wed. Remember to log your dates and scores on the Log in Sheet.

Video of the Day: “How close can an Astronaut get to the sun?”

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