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Friday, April 24, 2020

Happy Friday to all and Ramadan Mubarak to all celebrating this special time.

Live Sessions: We will be moving to a new platform for live sessions. We will be using the Big Blue Button activity in iLearn. Hopefully, we will begin live sessions again on May 4th. I will keep you updated. In order to get ready for using iLearn next week in Google Classroom I will provide the code to join your specific hour next week. So at this time, NO GOOGLE MEETS will be held.

Due Sunday: Your lab sheets (Assignment #3), Bar Graphs (Assignment #4) and IXL set A lessons 1 and 2.

Homework/Grades: So many of you are continuing to work so very hard and I am proud of you! Keep chipping away at it little by little. Effort is the biggest factor I am looking for. For those of you, I contacted or tried to this week all the work we are doing now is mandatory!!! If you chose not to do the work you may be at risk of failing the class. All Flocabulary assigned in March is counted as extra credit. You are welcome to go back and do those but do not have to. Look at Assignments in Google Classroom starting on April 13th.. Keep checking Student Connect for your grades and missing assignments as well as the Class News calendar.

FYI video: “How Old is the Earth?”

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Reminder: I sent out an email last night cancelling Google Live Meets for today. What I had planned on presenting is available in Google Classroom as a recorded lesson. Tuesday and today’s presentation are both available.

If you have any questions you can email or request a 10 min.Google Meet for tomorrow between 10-11. If you request such a meeting, when you email for the request could you also include the question you would like answered so I can have the answer prepared for you.

What should you be working on? Continue with your lab and bar graph. If you are finding it difficult to find time doing the actual lab you may use my data provided in the 2nd presentation as yours.

Also work on IXL Section A lessons 1 and 2 at Level 7.

Not sure what you are missing? Check Student Connect anything in red still may be done without a loss of late points. Please email me if you make up late work so I know to give you credit for it.

Due Dates? Remember to check Class News in your Student Connect and go to Calendar. You can find the due dates there.

FYI video of the day: “Is There a pole at the North Pole?”

Wednesday April 23, 2020

No Google Meets scheduled today for Science.. Work on your Lab Investigation and/or IXL..

Office Hours today are from 3:00-4:00

It was great to see so many of you yesterday. Tomorrow’s Live sessions will be at 11:00 and 2:15. Google Meet nicknames will be sent through Google Classroom 10 minutes before.

DO NOT SHARE the nicknames with anyone outside of my classes. Allowing people to join that have no business being in there is an abuse of technology and disrupts the learning process for those who are there to learn. All names of students who join and shouldn’t are being sent to Administration.

HAPPY EARTH DAY!! Fyi video of the day: “Earth is Our Home”

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Don’t forget Live Google Meet at 11:00 am today for anyone…. Link and class nickname will be in your Google classroom Stream 10 min. before the beginning of the session

2:15 pm meeting is for 2nd hour class

Topic session will include Norms of online classes and information about your lab investigation

What to do: Watch videos in Google Classroom they will provide background information and demonstrations of how to set up the investigation and what to do.

Flocabulary: If you have not completed Bar Graphs and Heat Transfer go back and work on those. They are graded assignments. If something needs to be reassigned let me know.

IXL: Section A (Level 7) 1 and 2 are due this coming Sunday. Refer back to blog April 16th for how they will be graded.

FYI video of the day: “How is money made?”

Sorry!! Lots More Information

I am going to make this not so wordy.. so you can get the main ideas. Today the whole district is rolling out a schedule that is more structured with scheduled live sessions for each of your subjects including Electives. I have attached the 7th grade schedule (I will also put it in Google Classroom under Stream for a quick easy reference guide)

7th Grade Master Schedule:

Notice: Science live Sessions are Tuesday (11:00 am), Thursday (11:00 am and Thursday 2:15 pm) Tuesday at 2:15 is for my 2nd hour with Mrs Saeed..

Google Meet links and nicknames will be posted in Google Classroom 10 minutes before each scheduled class times

Live Session Topics:

Tuesday: Norms for Google Hangout lessons and Introduction to your Lab Investigation.

Thursday: Review of how to construct a bar graph from your data and explaining the Analysis questions that go along with the lab


Office hours will be Wed. at 3:00-4:00 pm and Friday 10:00-11:00 am. During this time, I will be available for a student/parent prearranged video conference through Google Meet. Immediate replies to emails and Remind texts (check your Google classroom for the link to sign up for Remind with Parental/Guardian permission. If you would like a Google Meet please email me before these times so that we can arrange a time as not to conflict with any other prearranged Meets.

Answering Emails

Most of you know that I answer emails in a very timely manner. Most of them are answered as they come in. However, I will try my best to answer any emails that come in from 5 pm-9pm, but some of those may have to wait for an answer until the next morning. Any emails received after 9 pm will definitely wait until the next day.

Organizing emails

I know some of you are going crazy with lots of email. Helpful tips: When you get an email notification for a Google Classroom assignment.. Delete it. That just tells you that there is a new assignment. It is saved in Google Classroom so you shouldn’t need it in your email.

Set up a folder for each teacher/subject and you can move your emails that you want to save there so your inbox stream is not so long.

Click in box next to email you want to move. Click on what looks like a folder with an arrow in it. Scroll down to Create New and name your new folder.

Class News in Student Connect:

Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science will be placing your assignment due dates under Class News and check on the Calendar. All your due dates are there for your assignments to keep you organized so you can plan your time.

Student Connect Grades:

I received many assignment through last night. I will be loading grades into Student Connect today after I have graded and recorded what work I received this weekend. When I post them that is everything I have gotten up to this date and time. This will help you know what you have already completed and what still needs to be done.

All Flocabulary assignments before Spring Break are considered extra credit. If you did not do them you are still welcome to! No late points assessed.

All IXL are mandatory assignments for grades. Check April 16th blog for those due dates as well as your Class news calendar.

I know this seems overwhelming and we are all learning this new system together. Patience is what we will all need to have.. with each other and ourselves. Hang in there and we will all support one another.

Lots of information.. Please read carefully

Please continue working on your Flocabulary for this week.. Due date is Saturday.

Alright here is our schedule for IXL Due dates:

A.1 and A.2…….. due 4/25

B.1, B.2 B.3, B.4, B.5, B.6, B.7…due 5/2

X.1, X.2…due 5/9

Y.1, Y.2.. due 5/16

H.1 H.2, H.3, H.4.. due 5/23

You will not have to turn in any logs. I can access all the information from my computer. These will be graded and for credit. The scoring will be as follows:

A score of 70 and above = 4, 69-30 = 3, and 29 and below is a 2. I will be averaging each section. For example if your score for A.1 = 94 and A.2 = 87, 94 + 87 = 181.. Average = 181 divided by 2 = 90.5.. the score in Student connect for IXL for section A is a 4. Each section will receive a grade based on the average of the whole section.

There will be 2 additional sections added to this list at a later date.

Flocabulary: All Flocabulary that was done before Spring Break will be given credit as extra credit. If you have not yet done them you may still do them for this extra credit. They are scored as the following.. completing all or 4 activities is a 4, 3 activities = 3, 2 activities =2 and 1 activity =1.

Flocabulary assigned after Spring break are mandatory lessons.. If you have not completed them by Saturday you may still do so for credit.

All assignments you complete after the due dates, please email me or send me a Remind message, so I know to go back to give you a grade.

Grades will begin to be posted on Student Connect on Monday.. as always anything missing will be in Red. You will be able to do late work for credit!

Check Google Classroom for links to add Remind to either your phone or computer. It is a great way to communicate, but as always please check with your parents/guardians for their permission.

FYI video of the day: “What is the most dangerous animal in the world?”

Wednesday, April 15

Did you look out your window today??? Can not believe I saw snow!! Welcome to Michigan weather!!

You are all doing great.. Keep working on your Flocabulary and IXL assignments. As always you find the links in Google Classroom.

Today after 1:00, you will have a link to a Remind account that is set up for your specific hour. This will allow us to use texts as well as email to communicate. The link for your class will be in Google Classroom in Stream. Please remember that you will need your Parent’s/Guardian’s permission to join and download the app.

FYI video of the day: “How Do Magicians Trick People?”


Hope everyone had the time to relax and get some rest! We were able to get out and walk the dog on those wonderful sunny days!! But, we are all back to work, so here is this week’s plan:

Go into Google Classroom and click on the Classwork tab. I am trying to clean up what you see in Google Classroom, so I will be putting assignments for the week by dates.

So this week you will see 2 Flocabulary assignments.

One is focused on Bar Graphs (should be a complete review). You DO NOT have to do the sentences for the Vocab Cards for this assignment or the Lyrics Lab.

The second Flocabulary is Heat Transfer Once again this is a review of what we were doing before we left. I do want you to do all the assignments for Heat Transfer except for Lyrics Lab.

Continue working on all IXL assignments. There are no new ones so up to this point you have: A1, A2, B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B6,B7, H1,H2,H3,H4, X1,X2,Y1 and Y2. No due date set yet.. Just keep plugging along!! Remember our smart goal is above 70%.

Here’s our video of the day.. I have something new for you all!! A message from members of your Stout Family!!

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