Thursday May 7,2020

Looks to be another sunny day!!! Can’t wait to get outside and take my dog for a walk.

Reminder: You have the following work that is due tomorrow ….. Exit Ticket #1, Flocabulary, Exit Ticket #2, Lesson Review and IXL X and Y..Try to stay on top of everything.. All these assignment with the exception of IXL should not take you very long especially the Exit Tickets.

ADVICE: I know a few of you are very behind in your assignments. Here is a tip.. Start with this week’s work first and then work backwards. That way you will feel you are where we are currently instead of feeling you are running a a full pace trying to catch us. This does not mean you are excused from any work since we returned from Spring Break. It may just seem a little less overwhelming.

It is my sincere wish you are all staying healthy and enjoying this time with your families. Think of the positives in every day!

FYI video of the day: “Could a Turtle Live Outside Its Shell?”

Wednesday May 6 2020

Happy Wednesday!! I have a few reminders to offer!

Mandatory work: All work that has been assigned after we returned from Spring Break is mandatory. All students will be receiving a 4th Quarter Grade for your report card. There will be a letter grade assigned. These are not pass/fail credits.

Late work: I know many of you are turning in a mountain of this late work. However, due to the tremendous amount, it will be your responsibility to email me with the name of the assignment, the week it was assigned and how you turned it in (Google Classroom, Flocabulary, IXL or email).

Missing work: YOU are to check Student Connect. I update grades multiple times during the week. Also, if assignments are more than a 2 weeks overdue it may take me awhile to grade it and put it into Student Connect. Do not expect that it will immediately be graded. I start with current assignments due.

FYI video of the day: “Why are Tornadoes so Hard to Predict?”

Tuesday May 5, 2020

Hope all is well with you all!!! I am seeing more work coming in on time.. And I thank you for that!! I’m guessing you don’t want my bothersome emails and phone calls. Best cure for that is getting the work turned in on a timely manner. I am working hard on keeping Student Connect current so you are aware that I did or did not get your assignment. It is a great communication tool for both of us! Check it regularly..

Work due by tomorrow: Recorded lesson on Plate Tectonics, Exit ticket and Today’s Flocabulary Assignment.

IXL: Don’t forget you are working on Sections X and Y Lessons 1 and 2 for both of them.

BBB live sessions: Look for a Contract you must “sign and agree” in order to attend all live sessions. It will come later today or early tomorrow. I will put it in Google Classroom for you to look over. By turning in this form you are agreeing to uphold all behavioral expectations and are aware of any potential consequences. You will not be allowed access without this form.

Video of the Day: “Can you make Lava?”

I miss all of your smiles!!

Monday May 4, 2020

Welcome to a new week.. That will bring some new changes to our Remote Learning Process.. See below for the information.

I am sharing the link with the new information regarding Remote Learning.. You will see a time schedule for LIVE LESSONS only and links to Google Classrooms, blogs and iLearn.

New 7th Grade Schedule.. Please make sure to find out from each teacher what they are doing..

I am not offering Live teaching sessions just the recorded lessons that you can watch on your own time schedule, but please note that due dates will be a bit different. Anything assigned Monday and Tuesday is now Due on Wed and Wed/Thursday assignments are due on Friday.

I will offer Big Blue Button live help sessions if needed on either Tues mornings from 10-11 or Thursdays from 1:00-2:00. This will be by student request only.

So how do I get a live help session?
#1… Watch the live pre recorded session
#2.. Look over the assignment
#3.. Rewatch a portion of the recorded session where I explain the assignment
#4.. IF still confused email me with your direct question and we will work out which day and time will be the best.
#5.. I will email you directly with the exact day and time that we can meet to clear up your confusion!
#6.. Information regarding help times will not be posted in Google Classroom.
#7… Please be aware that all BBB sessions will be recorded whether there is 1 student or 20.

Google Classroom assignments: Monday: Watch the Recorded Lesson and Do the Exit Ticket and send in through Google Classroom (They are Assignments #1 and #2). Tomorrow you will work on a Flocabulary Lesson; Earth’s Layers and Plate Tectonics. That will be placed in Google Classroom tomorrow.

IXL; Sets A and B are now past due. You can still do them but late points will be assessed. This week you should finish X (1-2) and Y (1-2). They are due at the end of the week.

FYI video of the day: “How Do Earthquakes Happen?”

Happy May Day!!

Welcome to the month of May!

Don’t forget that your assignments are due tomorrow by midnight. They are the Newsela Quiz, Heated Bolts Worksheet and IXL B (1-7)

Minor Changes to our routine.: For Science, you won’t see too many major changes. I will still be providing pre recorded sessions for you to watch. One change: at the end of the session there will be a link to an Exit Ticket for you to complete. This is mandatory! It will be a short Google Form for you to answer based upon those lessons. This does not apply to your other subjects, each teacher will have their own format. Please check in with the other teachers to know what they plan to do.

Along with the Google Form exit tickets, there will still be 2 additional assignments for that week. So you are looking at 4 assignments per week! Don’t go crazy.. 4 may sound like a lot but the Exit tickets are quick and will not take more than 10 min at the most.

Help sessions will be offered through the Big Blue Button in iLearn. How will it work? I am not setting days/times for this. We will coordinate a day and time based upon need that I will determine by looking at email questions. If there seems to be an hour that seems a few students need extra support, I will email you directly with a day and time. You may request help, but in your request you must ask me specific question(s) that need to be answered. These sessions will only be 15-20 min in length so if I can prepare materials ahead of time, our time will be more efficient. I will be sending you a BBB student code of conduct for Science at a later date. You will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to the rules before you will be allowed to enter into a session.

Student Connect: Check Student Connect for missing assignments.. I am trying to update this as often as I am able. Please do not email me to ask what your missing assignments are. The information is in your Student Connect.

We are in the home stretch.. Keep up the motivation to do well!! Remember this is your education! This is your future!! This is in your control!! You are doing this for you!!!

FYI video of the day: “Why Do Penguins Have Wings if They Cannot Fly?”

Thursday, April 30, 2020

I can not believe how fast time is flying. Keep up the great work…

MISSING WORK: Yesterday I sent out a whole bunch of emails letting students and parents know that there were 2 or more missing assignments from last week. WOW!!!! What the response I got and those assignments came flying in! I appreciate that! As a reminder, by the time you would get such an email Student/Parent Connect is up to date. You can find what work is missing by checking Student Connect. What is in red is missing.

Due this Saturday: Newsela Quiz, Heated Bolts worksheet and IXL B Lessons 1-7

FYI video of the day: “How Do Things Glow in the Dark?”

Wednesday April 29,2020

Looks to be a cloudy rainy day.. But look at it this way… Great day to get caught up.

Reminders: Check Google Classroom for this week’s assignments. There are 2 recorded sessions to explain concepts and to give directions on how to do the assignments. Please see if those can help answer any questions.

IXL Section B due this Sunday!

iLearn: The enrollment code is under Stream in Google Classroom. iLearn would only be used for the Big Blue Button.. Lessons will continue through Google Classroom

Student Connect: Please check Student Connect for all missing work. I will not be letting individuals know which assignments you are missing. Student Connect has all the information you need. It is updated regularly (a minimum of once a week, but in reality it is more often).

FYI video of the day: “How old is the Earth?”

Terrific Tuesday 4/28/20

3 sunny days in a row!! That makes my heart happy~!

The quality of the work I have had is making me smile too! I am so very proud of the efforts I have seen!! Keep it up! You are all doing amazing.

Don’t Forget:

Check Google Classroom for this week’s assignments.. Please make sure to view all the recorded sessions.. I go over the directions for all your assignments. Go there first to see if your questions can be answered. If you are still confused reach out and I’ll be there (but not in the middle of the night. I’ll get back to you in the morning).

If you still have to work on last week’s assignments I will still take them through this week with no lost points, but after this week, I will assess late points to them. Work a little bit each day to stay on top of everything.

iLearn the code to enroll in your hour’s class section is in Stream on Google Classroom. Please enroll this week since any live sessions will be through the Big Blue Button feature in iLearn.

FYI video of the week: “Why is the Sky Blue?”

Happy Monday 4/27, 2020

Good morning all!! So happy to see the sun coming out more!! Hoping that this continues..So here is our information for this week:

iLearn: I will be sending out a separate announcement in Google classroom later today with the code that you will need to enroll in your hour’s iLearn course. Each hour as its own code so please don’t give your code to someone in a different hour. If they ask just direct them to look at their Google Classroom under Stream. Any live sessions offered will be through the Big Blue Button only found in iLearn. When you enroll your name and student id number are recorded.

Google Classroom: You will see a long list of items for this week..Please don’t panic most of it is informational. Here is the breakdown;

Assignment #1 has the recorded messages for concepts covered, a message of how to do Assignment #6 and the actual Google Slides that you can go back and review if you do not want my voice over

Assignment #2 and #3 go together .. #2 is a short article to read and #3 is a quiz based upon the reading

Assignment #4 and #5 are 3 min. video lab simulations to watch.. There is no written work with these..

Assignment #6: Is a worksheet to complete and turn in.

Optional video: This is a stand alone video that is in the Google Slide presentation. I put it here in case you have it lag in the slides.

IXL section B lessons 1-7 .. keep working on those for those who have not completed them yet. I will count section B as extra credit since there are so many of them.

Grades/Missing Assignments: Please check Student Connect for grades and any missing assignment you have. As before, I am pretty quick about updating information. I am working on last week’s assignments and hope to have them all graded and Student Connect up to date by Tuesday evening.

FYI video of the day: “How is a Rainbow Made?”

Letter from The Superintendent

April 24, 2020


Since our school buildings closed on Friday, March 13th there have been thousands of positive interactions between students and teachers via phone, e-mail, and on-line. This is why I am so deeply troubled and concerned about a few individuals who have taken advantage of our new school environment, made poor choices, and become disruptive to the learning process.   

These disruptions occurred at the middle school level while teachers were trying to provide instruction to students during a Google Meeting. Unfortunately, these disruptions crossed a line and became threatening and obscene. It has also been discovered that, in some cases, students willingly gave their user information and password to these individuals allowing them to gain access to the meetings.  Students are responsible to protect the confidentiality of their district issued accounts and passwords. It is a direct violation of district guidelines and protocol to share passwords with anyone and we will not tolerate those violations as we ensure the security of our network in order to protect our students.  

The behaviors that these students exhibited are not acceptable at any time but especially now, as we all deal with a worldwide crisis, the district will not permit this type of disruption to learning.  It is our responsibility to protect instruction and we will be enforcing every disciplinary action allowed by our Student Code of Conduct. For those individuals who violated the law, we will involve the Dearborn Police to issue tickets, and if needed, take further and more serious legal action.  

Although teachers and students have been safely using Google Meetings, I asked our Instructional Technology Department to temporarily suspend all student access to Google Meeting on the District network. We are also working to have staff use a platform for on-line meetings that has been used in the District for several years and is specifically developed for use in the classroom.  The software gives teachers more control over a meeting including ending if someone attempts to gain access without permission.   

I proudly started my career as a teacher and, like many of you, my wife and I are also adjusting to working at home and supporting the learning needs of one middle school and one high school aged child.  The actions that took place this week disrespects the efforts that all of you are doing to support your child’s education. As Superintendent, and as a father, I am sorry this occurred and apologize to the students who were the victims of these behaviors. 

Just as my wife and I have taken an active role in our own children’s learning and on-line activities, I ask all parents to use this experience as an opportunity to talk with your child about proper behaviors while on-line including protecting your personal information such as usernames and passwords.

Since March 16th, I have heard many encouraging stories of student learning taking place at all grade levels.  This past week has been a shift for all of us as we transitioned to the new learning plan. Of course there has been a learning curve for everyone involved including staff, students, and parents. We understand this transition to “Continue the Learning” is going to create frustrations and questions. Please know that our teachers, principals, and administrators are here to help all of our families during the weeks ahead.  Our continued goal is to be supportive during this very difficult time.  Remember, we are all in this together and together we will become an even stronger Dearborn community.   

Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.


Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D.


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